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Rebate/warranty UPC labels? Any Orange Aprons out there?

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  • Rebate/warranty UPC labels? Any Orange Aprons out there?

    Has anyone figured out whether either the warranty or the rebate requirements will actually accept a photocopy of the UPC label? Seems that Ridgid insists on sending it in for the warranty and then they also insist on sending it in for rebate eligibilty. I've seen this question elswhere in this forum, but to date, no answers.

    I'm about to go to HD for a TS3650, and there's a good rebate available now, and I'd sure like to make sure it works!
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    RIDGID will accept photo copies of the UPC code, Home Depot will not.

    FWIW, RIDGID isn't involved at all in the Home Depot Gift Card rebate deal. Registering for the warranty/LSA and the gift card are two seperate deals run by two seperate companies.
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