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Ridgid 10" X 90T Ultimate Polished Finish Saw Blade

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  • Ridgid 10" X 90T Ultimate Polished Finish Saw Blade

    Anyone have any experience or opinion on this blade? I need to run some wide melanine covered particle board through my TS for a closet organizer project I'm building. Should this minimize the chipping at the cutline?

    I'm looking at maybe this one.

    Decent value or does someone have a better suggestion?

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    Freud makes the Ridgid Titanium series. That blade should be fine....high tooth count and low hook angle are in it's favor. A better choice would be a blade with Hi-ATB teeth like the Freud F810/LU80R010 (same blade, one has Permashield) or Forrest Duraline. The Forrest will be expensive, but you might find an F810 on Ebay. If it's priced near the Ridgid, I'd grab the Freud.


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      Great information! Thanks. I knew that Freud makes the Ridgid blades but am unfamiliar with all of the options that are out there. I really appreciate the insight.


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        I just used the same blade to cut about 140 square feet of laminate flooring, was quite satisfied with the cut quality.