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Any TS2400 owners here?

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  • Any TS2400 owners here?

    I'm looking at the TS2400 but before I did, I wanted to get as much input on the saw as I could. I don't have enough room for the 3650 and the cheaper bench top saws are not what I'm looking for. The TS2400 has some good reviews in woodworking magazines, but I'm also looking for "real world" reviews. It won't get heavy use, so I'm not looking at long term durability, but more concerned with adequate power and precision.

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    Hawaii paddler: 3650 vs 2400

    Don't own any of these but after reading the threads here's what I found:

    One's obviously more portable than the other
    I think it was said one has belt while the other is direct drive (one reviewer was worried about harmonics because he was going to use to cut 1/128 metal or something of that nature)
    both have strong fences but if not mistaken, price is only about $100 difference between these two.

    If you are not looking for long term durability and only want something for light use why not grab a Delta or any other for $200. If you can get straight cuts for less seems you could have left over for another paddle or two or maybe one good surfboard.


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      The TS2400 has consistently received high marks from both reviewers and owners, so yes, this is a quality table saw. However, without knowing what type of uses you have planned for your future table saw it's hard to recommend this or any other saw for that matter. A little more info about your future saw use would help us provide some of the answers you're looking for.
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        I'm an owner; good TS

        I've owned my TS2400 for nearly 1 year now. It is my 2nd TS (first was a low priced, small one). I considered both the 2400 and 3650, selecting the 2400 because of space (the 3650 wouldn't fit in alcove work space, the 2400 does, without folding up).

        I've done several projects with the 2400 and it has been great. The fence is its greatest asset. Dial in the dimension you want to cut and you get it, every time. Once I upgraded the saw blade, cut quality was everything I wanted. Set up was easy, nothing like the problems encountered with the 3650. The saw is smooth and reasonably quiet (but use hearing protection). Moving the saw around, folded or unfolded is easy and smooth. Dust collection through the port (I use a shop vac) is good, even better with a zci.

        Recently I built a table top from 3 pieces of pine. I don't have a jointer, so I used a taper/jointer jig I built to get the 1st edge straight, then ripped to width for the second edge. The resulting glue up was right on. I even made breadboard ends, with only a little help from a router.

        The larger table size, and the extension to the right side have been very useful. That is an area where this saw beats the competition, as well as the fence.

        The miter guage is okay, and up grade would be inorder if I didn't use my miter saw for most miter cuts.

        I've made a zci and a router/jig saw table insert that fits into the hole when the table extension is moved over. Both of these are valuable additions.

        I can't say much about reliability/longevity as I haven't had mine all that long. Still there isn't much chatter about problems.

        I'm happy with my decision to buy the TS2400. If it got run over in my garage/work area, I'd immediately buy another.


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          Well the saw would only be getting what I would call "normal" use. Nothing real heavy right now except maybe kitchen cabinets in the near future, but even that isn't considered heavy work. Right now it'll be used mainly for making picture frames and boxes out of Koa ann Mango with maybe some other Hawaiian woods thrown in and some projects around the house.

          I'm guessing by harmonics, you're talking about vibrations. I have a Skil benchtop right now and that sucker is loud and vibrates like crazy. POS in my book.

          I don't wanna say I'm looking for a "throw away" saw, but something that'll last me until I get a real shop one day with room enough to put the big boys in there. But I've read some good reviews on this saw so it'll probably be in my "shop" by tonight.

          Why is direct drive looked down upon by some? Is it the direct drive that causes all that noise and vibration? My Skil "cuts" wood, but not very accurate nor powerful, but I knew that when I bought it. I ripped some short pieces of Oak the other day and I thought the saw was going to die on me right there.

          And yes paddles are on my list of projects to be made. Not sure about the surfboards though. I was just telling my GF yesterday that my dream would be to build a one-man canoe out of Koa. But first I have to win the lottery.


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            HP, you will be happy with the TS2400. I have had mine for over 3 years now and it would be replaced with another one if needed. I rarely ever use mine for "light" work. I use hardwoods for just about all my projects including exotics that are very hard woods. I can tell you personolly that 4/4 Koa is not a problem, cuts like butter on the 2400. It just recieved another top saw rating in the current issue of handy magazine compared to the other portable saws from bosch, general, Sears, ryobi. and one other one. The only upgrade I have done was to buy a real nice miter gauge/fence system just last month. I bought the new Kreg miter system. Oh, my first saw was the bench top Skil. Burned it up in 8 months. LOL
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              Picked up the 2400 today for $359 after discount. Got it home, outta the truck and into the shop set-up in about 30min. I couldn't believe how dead-on everything was right outta the box. Didn't have to adjust anything. Very impressed. Now all I have to do is cut up some wood but that'll have to wait until day light. Thanks guys for all the input and help.


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                Congrats HP! Have fun! Now get yourself a nice blade or two. I'll give a hardy recommendation for the Freud LU86 40T general purpose's their best thin kerf gen purp blade and is $36 delivered from Amazon. If Amazon doesn't "do the island", HD will have the 40T Diablo for ~ $30 that's the next level down and is still a decent blade. I'd also consider picking up an LU87 24T ripper for thick stock.


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                  Yeah I did pick-up the 40T Diablo along with the saw and I was wondering how good it was. I've seen others recommend the LU86 before as a very good blade, but HD didn't have that blade. I was thinking about returning the Diablo and getting something better or maybe even order the LU86 from Amazon.


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                    Never used the Diablo, but can tell you first hand that the Frued LU86 is fairly stands pretty proud even next to my Forrest.

                    Enjoy your new saw.