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BS dust collection question

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  • BS dust collection question

    I have the old Ridgid BS. It has the undersized (purposeful dig at ridgid and all BS makers) dustport at the front just under the table. I have a 5hp DC and it does not get all the dust, probably less that 90%. There is very little dust in the lower wheel housing and essentially zero in the upper. I know people add a port to the lower housing, but I dont see any benefit to this since I get less than a teaspoon of dust after cutting about two hundred feet of wood. Does anybody have some addition to their BS that helps get better dust collection?

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    Rafael, Add a gasket to the lower side cover. I used 2 strips of electrical tape. One on the inside hanging over the edge 1/2 way and then on the outside stuck to the door and the other piece of tape. helps seal the lower cabinet and my 2hp grizzly gets about 98% of all dust hooked to the original port.
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