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Milwaukee V28 4pc $443.99 WOW!!!

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  • Milwaukee V28 4pc $443.99 WOW!!!

    just picked up the new v28 4 pack (circular, drill, sawzall, cheesy light) for only $443.99 on amazon today April 24.

    use the $25 off code that ends tomorrow to get this unreal deal. good luck!!

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    Nice deal but they're made by the same company that makes Ryobi. Don't take this the wrong way but I found it interesting that one of the reasons you stated that you passed on the RIDGID 12" slider, in another thread, was that it was made by the same company that makes Ryobi.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      9/11/01, never forget.


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        I should have been more literal....

        Bottom line:

        The Ridgid 12 SCMS is a wolf in sheeps clothing.


        I'm unaware of the M V28 serving as the protypical base for a Ryobi line. The V28 is made in N. America, and the Ridgid/Ryobi is from the same mold, line, country of origin.

        True, same parent company, but Milwaukee quality is obiously still present, and Ryobi is still a price-point line, with corresponding quality.

        you have to do a little more research before you call a spade a spade.


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          The future seems pretty clear to me


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            Alloying, heat treating, forging and machining, things that can cost extra to do right, can make a big difference even if the design and prints are exactly the same.


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              Get YOUR facts right.

              Hey Bulldogger,

              Before you jump on Badger Dave get your facts straight. Below is the notification to Milwaukee employees telling them all cordless tool manufacturing is being shipped overseas to the Ryobi/Ridgid plant, and corded are right behind them. He was right.

              February 13, 2006 Announcement

              In October 2005, Milwaukee announced a project to evaluate the feasibility of moving some of our Manufacturing Production to TTI in China. As you might recall, our initial evaluation focused on DC products. It has now been determined that Milwaukee will move the production of DC products to China, with a goal of completing the move by the first quarter of 2007. This also includes moving DC armature and field production, and much of DC component production to China. We continue to evaluate moving higher volume AC tool production, but no decision has been made at this time. The impact of these moves on our existing plant structure is being evaluated; however, we will not know definitive answers for some time yet.

              As was stated in the earlier communication, Milwaukee will communicate to our employees any decision that may have an impact on employment at the earliest possible time. As always, Milwaukee will act legally and ethically during this process and will provide affected employees with as much notice as possible to help with their transition. In addition, Human Resources will be providing various forms of assistance for those employees who are affected by this transition, including coordination with local and state job service offices. As soon as the impact of this decision is determined, it will be communicated to all employees.

              Harry Peterson
              Chief Operating Officer


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                No disrespect intended but if more and more American based companies continue to outsource there has got to be a negative impact on the American worker. In an effort to be competitive with the global economy American companies outsource work and jobs, this pattern usually results in either unemployment for their former workers or new jobs paying less. I think at some point we will see the result to be a weakening of the American consumer due to all this outsourcing and lower wages. My question to corporate America, once you have sufficiently weakened the American workforce/consumer, who will consume your goods? I might be wrong but I don't see workers in the third world buying tool sets that cost five hundred dollars, plasma tv's or suv's. Our free trade economy seems awfully one sided.


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                  It's Me you are oblivious

                  according to you, my purchase of a v28 that is legibly marked made in the U.S. on each tool--sans the batteries made in canada--is as good as made in china, because of future speculation.

                  why don't you stop jumping all over me and get a clue. i made a cogent decision to purchase this 4 pc set, as i researched the country of origin prior to the purchase, and I was satisfied.

                  Oh, ya, the kit didn't come with the memo from the CEO about future plans, but if Milwaukee decides to go that route, they will lose a customer in me.

                  Using a memo regarding future to plans, obviously resulted in a blunder, as you cannot rewrite history, and the fact still remains that my tools are made in the U.S......and i only payed $392 for them.

                  reading comprehension is the operative theme.


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                    I looked at the Milwaukee V28 set in Home Depot. They were not made in the U.S. It was an eastern block country, I think Checoslovakia. (I'm sure I misspelled the country, but you should know the one)


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                      mine say made in wisconsin, except the batteries which are made in canada, and the bag made in china.


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                        Do they say made in wisconsin or just have thier brookfield worldwide headquarters address listed on there?

                        When i was at work today i decided to take a look for myself and get where everything is from. On every tool is the plate with the model number and the such and on each tool is the brookfield wisconsin tag but that is just where thier headquarters is located; not where they are manufactured. Here is a list of where each component is made according to Milwaukee:

                        Sawzall - made in USA of USA and foreign parts

                        Drill - made in Czech Republic

                        Circ. Saw. Made in USA of USA and foreign parts

                        Light - Made in China

                        Belt Clip - Made in China

                        Battery - Made in Canada

                        Bag - Made in China

                        Charger - Made in Mexico

                        Sawzall Blades - Made in USA