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need ridgid battery info

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  • need ridgid battery info

    could someone tell me what the amp hr rating of the ridgid 14.4 v compact battery?its what came with my impact driver and its gutless, peters out real quick. i saw at hd another version 14.4v that said max high capacity on the side of the battery, it felt heavier also.does anybody know what the amp hr rating on it is?just trying to decide on whether to buy one or not.

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    The standard 14.4 Volt batteries that I have don't provide any specifications on the label, other than the part number (130252003). On the Ridgid battery page ( it says they are 2 amp hours. No mention of amp hours on the larger batteries. Probably if you call the customer support number, they can provide that for you.



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      The max hc is 2.0 amp hrs the thiner batteries are either 1.4 or 1.5. To bad the 2.5 amp hr batteries don't come in 14.4 volts
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        Max Ah 2.5 vs. Max HC

        My 5(+1) pc combo came with 3 Max HC batteries and the JigSaw, another one. Now HD is advertizing the Max Ah 2.5, although they [or at least my store] haven't started carring them yet. The Ridgid representitive I caught in the Tool Corral said they will only be available in the new product lines, and not availible as an individual item, at least for now. But he didn't know the difference, and was totally clueless wheter Ridgid TTI/OWT would ever offer a Lithium Ion. HD sells the dual charger for 100 and each HC for 80: [100 + (3 x 80)]= 340. I guess that means the canvas bag and 6 tools are only worth 50 bucks. Any known difference between the new Ah & the HC??


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          The Max HC is 2.0 AH cells
          The Max AH 2.5 is exactly that 2.5 AH cells. An Extra 0.5 AH cell (Highest AmpHour NICAD cells in the industry) Key word there (NICAD) ,not NIMH or Lithium.
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