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Ridgid soon to be sold at Harbor Freight?

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  • Ridgid soon to be sold at Harbor Freight?

    I spent thousands of dollars on outfitting with new Ridgid tools, only to end up returning the small power tools after trying them. What's wrong . . . let's see . . . how about the angle grinders that have attachment shafts (arbors) that extend far beyond the cups and disks; 1/4 sheet finishing sanders that have on & off buttons at opposite ends of the palm grips, where normal grip and operation of the tool causes an involuntary toggling on and off of the switch . . . now let's talk about belt sanders that can't track belts correctly, tried (3) out of the boxes; and most aggravating, the cordless tool canvas cases that offer an almost Rubics Cube on finding the correct pattern in respect to fitting the tools, batterties and charger into the bags. . . bottom line is that the damn bags are just too small for the tools there packaged to carry!!!

    All we kept out of the purchases were the 12" Sliding Compund Mitre Saws and Portable Table Saws, which I will commend you on. The larger 10" Mobile Contractors Table Saw was better when the actual table was open and not a solid top model as it is offered now. One further note on another product concerns the Portable Air Compressor. This unit will not keep up with two operating nail guns, yet has ports and couplings for two hose/gun operation.

    Apparently your R&D and enginnering department has really dropped the ball and has no real experience in professional power tool design and demands. I suggest that you review the above for yourself, and once you find my findings regarding the tools correct, pull them from the shelves . . . not discount or clearance them.

    Furthermore, the belt-sanders and angle-grinders pose potential operator injury risks.

    Thank you,

    Mike Lonergan
    TradesProfessionals, Inc.

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    I've never had a problem with my R2720 belt sander with tracking. I've owned it now since January and can't find one thing wrong with it!!


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      Mike, if you want professional caliber tools, buy them. Rigid seems to me to be an upper level homeowner tool or a low level pro tool. If you work with your tools for a living, no point in buying the cheap ones. In the long run, they only end up costing more.