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"t" Slot Miter Gauge Clamps

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  • "t" Slot Miter Gauge Clamps

    Can anyone tell me where to find a clamp that will go on a "t" Slot Miter Gauge for my rigid tablesaw. I am looking for a clamp that will help when Iam doing long sheet cuts at angles.

    one horizontal clamp and one verticl vice type clamp, or do they not make them any more due to safety.

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    Craftsman sells a hold-down clamp for their TS miter gages, it may work with the Ridgid. there are other makes, try Rockler or Woodcraft or others.

    These I believe are meant for use with smaller pieces, not for sheet goods.

    Do you need to make repetitive angle cuts at the same angle? Maybe a home made jig is a better answer.
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