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TP1300LS Planer Slipping on Western Red Cedar

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  • TP1300LS Planer Slipping on Western Red Cedar

    Well I don't understand this at all.

    I have a new Ridgid TP1300LS and it's not grabbing my flat sawn 5/4x6 Western Red Cedar decking boards. I can plane 3/4" pine with it just fine. I can plane a piece of 2x8 cedar just fine. But as soon as I try a piece of my 5/4 decking the rollers WILL not grab and run it through. As far as I know I've adjusted and trued everything per the manual.

    I'm not dumb on purpose but I just don't get this.

    Tim Eastman

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    Welcome Tim,,,
    Both Pine and Cedar tend to coat the feed rolls with pitch that causes them to become slippery. Try cleaning the rolls with isopropyl alcohol and green scotchbrite pads (safest with power off). I also use paste-wax on the platen to help the boards slide easier.
    Not sure why this only happens with your 5/4 material other than it is a bit narrower so there is less surface area to grab and perhaps since they are deck boards maybe they are longer and heavier tan the other items that you mentioned, do you support the weight with auxiliary rollers?