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  • miter saw cross roads

    i want a new miter saw and there are two that i am really looking hare at one is the 12"scms from ridgid and i have always liked the the look of this saw but there are things i don't like aswell like the fact that the saw is close to 70 lbs and i am not sure the the plastic locking lever will last very long as the saw might be in transport quite abit and may get a few bumps and bangs.the other saw that i have been looking at is a 10" maktia scms the pros to this saw are lighter and looks to be able to be transported more with less damage and it is 70 bucks cheaper the cons no life time service not sure i like the way the motor is mounted at a 45 deg angle seems like that might be a stress point or hight wear pointand not sure if the 10"blade would limit it's use though i rarely cut anything bigger than a 4x6.ok guys have you owned or used either of these saws if so what you like and dis like about them?oh and yes i have no intrest in the de walt so please don't sujest that sorry you de walt guys.
    9/11/01, never forget.

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    I don't own either of those saws but my FIL has the Makita. I've used his quite often and everytime I use it I want one. When he bought it, I set it up for him and it required very little fine tuning to get it squared away.

    There are three models of the LS1013 floating around at this time. The original LS1013, a version with a light and another version with a laser. Recently, unfortunately I can't remember where, I've seen the version with the light being offered for about $325. You can't buy a reconditioned LS1013 that cheaply.
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      thanks dave i think i have seen you mention this before witch is why i think when i have seen this saw it stuck in my mind when i checked it out but the price i seen was 529 for the maktia vs.599 for the ridgid
      9/11/01, never forget.


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        I’d probably go with this deal.



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          thats the saw i am looking at and the price seems nice as well
          9/11/01, never forget.


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            I picked up the Ridgid MS1290lz. I used it for the first time to do 5-1/2" crown molding and loved it. Now I use it whenever Setup and calibration went easily. The positive locking pin stops for common angles is a plus. If your not familiar with compound angles a word of caution. (Much embarassment here) The very first time I cut a compound angle I neglected to spread out the adjustable fence and neatly trimmed off the first half inch of it. This didn't slow or bog down the motor at all. I wasn't even aware of what I had done until I started seeing aluminum chips and slivers on the table and looked for the source. Ouch!!! I would love to mate it up to one of the Ridgid MSUV's(Miter Saw Utility Vehicle) that everyone around here talks about. Waiting for it to go on sale at HD again. Sorry I can't compare it to any other equipment. I never questioned the plastic locking lever. The whole saw is built like a brick outhouse.


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              I bought the Makita LS1013 about a year ago. I've been very pleased with it. It has been around for years and still receives great reviews. Like BD, mine came out of the box needed minimal adjustments. Even after moving it around my shop for the last year it has stayed true. It has a good sized cutting platform, but is relatively small overall. I've cut 12/4 x 10" cherry boards with it without trouble or burns. That was with the stock blade. It's nice to see a company that actually puts a decent blade on their tool.

              There are two issues with the saw from my experience. Dust collection is a problem. While this is true for every miter saw I have used, it seems worse on the Makita. I have it hooked up to a dedicated 6 hp shop vac, and still have dust going everywhere. The other issue is the saws system for non-through cuts. It is inaccurate, hard to adjust and unreliable.

              I purchased mine after looking at many reviews and, more importantly, having a friend in the decking business that swore by (and abused) his.

              Hope this helps.



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                Ridgid 12" SCMS with Utility Vehicle

                Morning all! I purchased the 12" slider and the Utility Vehicle about 3 months ago from the Big Orange Monster. I was and still am laying laminate flooring in my home and needed something with at least a 7 7/8" reach. I knew I wanted Ridgid, in no small part due to the warranty, as well as a few other tools I have purchased made by this fine company have proven themselves outside the homeowner realm (this stuff is tough)! Anyway the 10" non-slider has the 7 7/8" lay-flat cut, but I was nervous about those 1/4-1/8" uncut portions that seems to linger on, so in my Wife's words "God Big or Go Home" I blew the bank and went for it. Lemmie tell ya, this saw is BUILT TOUGH! There's NO reason to be concerned about damaging the plastic components, they're not going anywhere. As for the MSUV, what a great invention, pre drilled holes for the 12" slider, pnumatic gas assists for the raising and lowering of the saw, PLENTY of support on bith ends for the largest stock the saw will handle, and it looks cool! So in summary, buy the Ridgid 12" slider, and the MSUV, you will not be dissappointed!


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                  I seriously considered the Ridgid 12" slider, but the thing is just too big and heavy. The warranty and stability seem stellar but the size and weight are a negative 4 me.

                  That Ridgid MSUV is awesome, my buddy has one. I think they are going up in price to $199, as I saw them priced at a local HD.

                  If you decide on the Ridgid, HD is the only option, but for all other brands, I would be patient and wait til it's on sale on Amazon, becuase their deals will save you well over $100.

                  A couple days ago they had the Makita LS1214 (12 inch slider) for about $340...i could kick myself for not jumping on it. In January they had the Bosch 12" laser slider for $479 with a free Dewault drill....and always free shipping.