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Ridgid MSUV price increase?

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  • Ridgid MSUV price increase?

    i was in an HD yesterday and saw the MSUV for $199. Today i was in another location and it was at $149. Anybody know if it is scheduled to increase at all HD's?

    i was waiting it out to see if it would go on sale for $99 again

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    The regular price used to be $199 but was lowered to $149 awhile back. For the last two years HD has run a special in March or April selling the MSUV for $99. If the pattern for the $99 price holds true, you'll have to wait until next year to get it for that price.
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      Depending on how long ago it was on sale for 99.00, you can try asking mgmt if they will still sell you one for that price. I got one two weeks after it went off sale and back up to 149.00. It's worth a try.