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TS3650 fence alignment

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  • TS3650 fence alignment

    We bought the Red-Line X Point Power Tool Setup Gauge from Hartville and I think we have the blade aligned OK with the miter slot but we are not sure how to align the fence.
    This is our first attempt at aligning a table saw. It says to loosen the four bolts on the fence to align. After loosening the bolts while aligning should the fence lock be up or down. I know this is probable a stupid question but we are real newbies at this.

    We read all the post on assembling the saw and they were extremely helpful. And we watched the video on how to align a table saw but they just say to read the manufacturers manual for instructions on fence alignment. We have read it several times but still can't seem to get it. What are we missing.



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    When aligning the fence to the miter gauge groove in the saws tabletop, the fence should be locked down, lever down.
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      Thanks for your response BadgerDave. We'll give it a try.