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  • 18 volt unhappy

    I purchaced the 18 volt package with sawzall, circular, drill, light, 2 years ago.With life time warentee 2 months out he shaft bent. I got it fixed then several months later it just stopped working. I went to a repair station and they fixed a switch in the drill (2 months to repair). It worked for a while but all 3 batterys run down too quickly (one hole or 1 2x4). Package should run longer and not have this many repairs. I feel like it is junk more time in the shop than out in the field.

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    Where did you buy it?
    Exactly what kind of work are you doing with them?
    Don't take offense to this, but how do you take care of your tools?
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      If you are not exaggerating take the batteries in and exchange them. I have the same kit and think it is excellent. I can cut many 2 X 6 or many feet of sheet goods (cut the sheets for a 24X26 cottage style garage roof and did not drain the second battery). I use the drill when running basement wire and can drill an entire basement with a 7/8 wood auger on 1 battery, not sure how many holes exactly but lots.


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        18 volt unhappy

        Thanks for the replies
        All of my tools get hard use. Isnt that what they are designed for. I will bring the system back for one more repair including the batterys.
        I have lots of other commercial Rigid tools and am very happy with them. I do wonder abouth the quality of the smaller products tools at Home Cheapo,


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          [QUOTE=jrsmith]Thanks for the replies
          All of my tools get hard use. Isnt that what they are designed for.
          ummmm no they are meant for light duty to medium duty as all cordless tools are for hard use(i take that as heavy duty)then you really need corded tools but if that is of no real optoin to you and i know for some poeple it is not then you should expect to go though the tools about every 18-24 months and batterys maybe even faster 6-12 months. hope this helps.
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