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  • 14.4 Volt Impact Battery

    Has anyone else tried to buy a spare battery for their 14.4 volt impact driver? I purchased a 14.4V battery at HD the other day. Although it fit the driver, it did not fit in the case because it's taller than the battery that is included with the driver. Keep in mind that this was a MAX H/D battery and it cost $60.

    I completely confused the staff at HD when I asked about the second battery. When I called Ridgid to order the battery, they said it was going to cost me $80 plus shipping. I couldn't believe it; that’s $20 more before they tack on the shipping! I wasn't aware that I was purchasing a 18 VOLT driver!

    Has anyone else run into this problem? Does anyone know if there is an alternate source for this battery?

    I have had good luck with Ridgid tools so far, but this has really made angry! I am seriously considering returning this tool and purchasing the Makita or DeWalt. Both come with two batteries.

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    That impact driver does not come with the MAX HD battery as standard equipment. Are you upset that Ridgid didn't design their carrying case to accomodate the MAX HD batteries just in case somebody might want to upgrade to a battery that isn't standard equipment for that impact driver?

    If longer run time is what you're looking for, I suggest you take a close look at the Makita over the DeWalt. IIRC, DeWalt doesn't provide their XRP batteries with their 14.4V impact driver.
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      I'm upset that the correct battery cost $20 (plus shipping) more then the MAX HD battery. All I want is a second battery so I'm not down while charging. I'm not looking for longer run time. I am completely satisfied with the driver except for the fact that it only comes with one battery. I knew this when I purchased the tool, but I did not think I would have to pay 18 volt money to get a spare 14 volt battery. It makes no sense to me!


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        how much did you pay for the i-driver?

        was it $180 +tax?

        you can get several on Amazon right now for about the same price or less that come with 2 batteries:

        Bosch 23614 $198 with the promotion and no sales tax and free ship

        Makita 6935FDWDE $131.67 with the promotional code and no tax free ship

        there's a couple more, ie Hitachi, DeWalt, etc for good deals right now.

        I'd take it back and get more bang for the buck.


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          The Makita offers 100% increase in batteries for 42% less money and has a solid reputation in the impact market, that may be where the smart money would choose to go. Ok, I’m biased, I have the Makita and think it is great but that is an excellent deal.



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            Smaller battery?

            I think it may be a supply/demand thing happening.
            I bought the 14.4v impact driver as a pre-Christmas "special" and it came with two smaller batteries, a 3/8" drill and a soft bag.
            It looks to me like they are phasing out the smaller 14.4v batteries in favour of the 18v (too bloody heavy as far as I'm concerned).
            If I were you, I'd just buy the larger battery and either modify your case or carry the battery seperately. I've been using the larger batteries from my drill on my impact driver, and it makes a big difference in the run times.
            I understand your frustration about the battery not fitting the case though. A little forethought on the designer's part could have alleviated this issue.


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              14.4 Max HD battery


              I, too, have the 14.4 Impact driver and have purchased two extra 14.4 Max HD batteries for use with the driver. Unfortunately, the battery does not fit in the blow molded case, however, this battery works great with the impact driver. For your ease of mind, i did confirm directly that this does not void the warranty with RIDGID. Just buy the Max HD battery!
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