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MS1290LZ Blade Trashed

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  • MS1290LZ Blade Trashed

    Ithink I just trashed the 60 tooth factory blade. The carbide tips don't score my thumb nail like they used to, and eventhough they are all there, some of them look to be significantly shorter. Before I look into getting it sharpened, I'd like to pick up a new blade at HD or Lowes. I've read posts in this forum about blades but when I go to HD/Lowes none of it matches. Can anyone advise me about the quality of blades I see there? I see Ridgid, Freud Diablo, Irwin, DeWalt, Oldham, etc

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    If your going to HD then go with Freud Diablo.
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      If you looking to buy a high quality blade for woodworking type projects then HD is not the best place to look. If you don't have a Woodcraft, Rockler or similiar store near you then I'd suggest you give Amazon a look see. Amazon has very competitive pricing and the price of good blades being what they are, they usually qualify for free shipping.

      The Freud LU85R010 80T blade is one you might want to consider.
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        Thanks for the input guys. I'll see what's in the budget for blades.