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Experience with Ridgid Nailers?

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  • Experience with Ridgid Nailers?

    What has been your experience with Ridgid Pneumatics? I'm looking at the Framer and the Roofing nailer. They both have all the right features, but I'm curious about ease of use, durability etc. Any experiences out there?

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    Ridgid Roofing Nailer

    This past weekend I laid 1000 square feet of shingles using the Ridgid roofing gun. It was my first time using a roofing nailer of any make so I don't have much of a frame of reference. I do own, and have used extensively, a Porter Cable finish nailer, so I'm familiar with the general operation of nailers.
    This gun was amazing. It made a tedious job way easier, and it worked great.
    I had only one jam that was my own fault (don't keep spare coils in your pouch, they get pushed out of shape). The jam was a pain in the arse to clear; I had to get off the roof and use a nail set and hammer. However, I'm sure any gun would have jammed in this circumstance, and from what I've seen, the way you clear jams in all the guns is pretty much the same.
    The depth setting worked perfectly and accurately.
    My only small complaint is that there is no indication you are on your last nail.
    One other thing that happened was the trigger mechanism that allows you to switch from sequential to contact fire somehow got flipped to half way in between the two settings. When this happens, the gun will allow air to escape, but will not fire. It had me baffled for a few minutes- I thought I'd blown seals in the gun. (Not to mention causing scoffing and ridicule from one of the guys who insisted that doing it maually was faster. He's the guy with the sore arm!)
    I bought this tool used, so unfortunately I don't have the LSA for seals etc. If I was going to use it every day, I would have bought a new one just for the LSA. Initially, it was a toss up whether to get a Porter Cable, Bostich, or Ridgid (the Hitachi, even beat-to-crap used, were way too pricey). I went with the Ridgid because I own a drill/driver and an impact driver, and am extremely happy with both- especially the impact driver, it ROCKS.
    Now I'm looking at the Ridgid framers. Only thing is, the HD in this area only carries the clipped head model. I know the jury's out on whether clipped nails hold better than round, but I'd just as soon get a nailer that is acceptable to all building codes.


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      I bought the R350RHA

      It will shoot a 16d common nail. Most of the framers I see stocked in the stores will not. The difference is .162" diameter instead of .131".


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        Ridgid Roofing nailer is great!!

        As a professional roofer i have used many types of roofing guns to this day I feel that the ridgid is of better quality and is much lighter than the bostitch and the price is comparable and the warranty speaks for its self