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Laserline is off and Ridgid tells me o well!!!

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  • Laserline is off and Ridgid tells me o well!!!

    I spoke with Ridgid today and they told me the is nothing that can be done
    with the laser. They told me " start the saw all the way up and to put the laserline NEXT to the pencil line......DEWALT is right on as well as few ot the others. I spent good money on this 12" sliding CMS with EXACTLINE.... I think exact is 1/16 off, LOL. I might add that I really like this saw and it works well.
    Mike C. AKA laserline

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    Mike, that is the way all blade mounted lasers work. The beam is projected down the side of the blade and you line it up on the side of your cut mark. Craftsman came out with the first one several years ago and I bought a replacement laser through thier parts. I put it on my Delta and it has worked great ever since
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      laserline os off by 1/16 or so

      Thanks papadan for the reply. I guess I expected a bit more out the the CMS. By buddys Dewalt is right on the money. I went to some site and they advices I chuck it and replace it with they model. laserline not the saw. I will adapt to what I have. I found if you mesure from the left and line up just a bit over to the left it works o.k.
      Mike, AKA laserline

      P.S. I think they shoul change the name from exactline to almost exactline
      LOL, no realy is


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        Originally posted by laserline
        P.S. I think they shoul change the name from exactline to almost exactline
        LOL, no realy is
        I agree. They're very close to crossing that fuzzy line of false advertising if you ask me but I believe they can get away with it because "Exactline" is a Trade Mark(TM) name and not a claim of accuracy of the laser line and the actual cutline.
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          My Experience

          I bought the MS1250LZ with ExactLine. I wasn't happy with the 'off by a 1/16th" either. I both called and emailed Ridgid support. They said ExactLine should be right on and recommended I take it back to the point of purchase.

          I had to visit Home Depot twice to get satisfaction. First trip resulted in their tools expert telling me that any saw doesn't cut where the laser indicates unless you buy a $1,000 Delta brand saw. Second trip got me a replacement laser mechanism. I almost had to beg to just have the laser mechanism swapped. Home Depot folks wanted to exchange the entire MS1250LZ package, not what I wanted since saw was perfect.

          End result...where laser line and cut used to be off by 1/16", I now measure of difference of only 1/32". I wonder how close I could get if I kept getting the laser mechanism exchanged!


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            If I am not mistaken I went to a trade show back in like 91 and Bosch had a laser that you could switch depending on what side of the blade you were using.

            It was also very accurate since it was not blade mounted. Was also not $1000 dollars.

            Have not seen this model since that day.