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TS3650 blade not square to table

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  • TS3650 blade not square to table

    It seems that no matter what I do I can't get the TS3650 saw blade (Systimatic Combo) totally upright and 90 degrees square to the table. And, it's off by a quite a bit. I think that I've followed the manual to the letter, including backing off the 90 degree set screw, turning the angle handwheel one turn clockwise, and then counter-clockwise, and I still get stopped about 1/16" (from the top of the blade to the bottom) from upright at 90 degrees. Help!

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    Re: TS3650 blade not square to table

    same here. It seems to be getting harder to do. But after doing alot of cutting with the blade bevelled, I'm wondering if it has something to do with some sawdust buildup in the trunnion.



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      Re: TS3650 blade not square to table

      First, which set screw are you backing out? The stop screw for the 90 degree is the Left set screw. The one for the 45 stop is the Right set screw. However, 1/16th is quite a bit so it is probably not the set screw's fault.
      Have you have checked to make sure the lock handle (the one on the front of the saw up under the table) is not wedging up under the table top? If it is, depress it and shift the angle to get clearance when you rotate the carrier. This is the most common cause of the carrier jambing up when rotating either direction. I managed to forget about it about 6 times the first year I had the saw. I would unlock it, but forget that it travels with the carrier as you crank it.
      If those aren't the problem, remove the blade and make sure nothing is in the front curved channel that is stopping the assembly from rotating fully to the stop. Sometimes a chip of wood can get kicked up in there and it jams between the stop screw and the carrier assy. There is also a curved slot in the back of the saw (where the lock arm rod comes out the back) that may have somethin caught in it.
      If it is a brand new saw, the trunnion may be slid over too far to allow full adjustment, and may have to be loosened and pushed more to center.
      Hope one of these suggestions leads to an answer
      Sawdust buildup on the carrier flat that hits the stop can and will throw off the 90 degree stop if doing a lot of bevel cutting. Sticky wood like pressure treated or resinous pine can build up quickly
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