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Ridgid Planer Chip Collection performance

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  • Ridgid Planer Chip Collection performance

    Hi everyone,

    I am planning buying a planer in the next month or so, and right now the Ridgid is at the top of the list based on price/performance, generally good reviews, and included accessories.

    I do have a question for those of you who are using it now.

    How good is the chip collection performance when hooked up using the 2.5" port on the dust hood ?

    My only DC at the moment is a shop vac, and I understand that clearing chips from any planer is a big part of how good the board will turn out.

    Thanks in advance for any input here.

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    Chip collection on the 2 1/2" port for any planer is ify, with a shop vac I would forget it. Use the planer outside in the driveway or set up a tarp to control the dust and chips. Use your shop vac as a blower and blow into the infeed side of the planer when using. this will help keep the planer cleared of chips that could affect your results. I have a full DC system in my shop with 4" hoses and usually take the planer outside to use it. The planer puts out very high volumes of large shavings that will clog up even 4" hoses really quick.
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      Thanks papadan,

      I'm not too concerned about having to clear up the garage floor after a session - with a shop vac based DC I am used to a good deal of clean up before I can hand the garage back to LOML for her car

      I was thinking that a final pass with a very small depth of cut would be a good way to clean up a board that needed a good finish and not choke out the vac at the same time. I guess I'll have to try it and see

      For my first project - planing 2x Cedar down to 1 1/8" - I'm not too worried about surface results. The project is for outside, unfinished use so how long would a perfect surface hold up anyway

      Thanks again


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        I cleaned up both sides of about 80 board feet of cherry and walnut last night using the 2.5” dust port and my 16 gallon Craftsman shopvac. I had to empty the shopvac twice because it was filled to capacity and there was only a handful of chips scattered around the base of the planner on the floor when I was done. It may not be as efficient or quiet as a DC but it beats the heck out of using nothing and having to cleanup the whole mess.