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Wagner Paint Crew 770 - Review

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  • Wagner Paint Crew 770 - Review

    I'm sure most of us have used the standard wagner airless spray guns

    You know the kind that have your arm numb before the first gallon is on the wall, the kind that basically define carpal tunnel.
    I have owned two and bought the second one figuring that advances must have been made since I bought the last one, well I was wrong same drippy gun that covers you with almost as much paint as the wall.
    I have 2 basements and two workshops to paint in the near future and decided to give wagner another shot. I bought the Wagner Paint Crew at Costco for $199 CDN figuring if it worked like the other guns I would put it back in the box and return it.
    It is not going back.
    I am really impressed with this unit. I have sprayed 10 gallons so far and absolutely love it.
    The machine is simple to use and the learning curve is really short especially if you use an HVLP or conversion gun for your wood projects.
    You definitely need a respirator because there is some overspray that tends to make the room a bit cloudy but not any more than an HVLP gun would do.
    It is a good plan to keep a brush handy for the first few gallons to fix the sags that will occur as you get used to the gun, I had about 5 sags that occurred at the start of the strokes because I forgot to keep the gun moving or started the paint flow before starting the stroke. Just brush them out and the next coat will cover any brush marks.
    The finish is beautiful, far better than any painting I have ever done.
    The speed is also incredible, you can put a 5 gallon pail on the wall in less than 1 hr including beer breaks.
    Cleanup is also a bunch easier than expected, pour any remaining paint from the hopper back into the can, dump some warm soapy water into the hopper swish it about and dump into waste bucket, more water and pump that through the hose and gun (spray tip removed), unscrew the gun by hand and clean the internal filter and you are done about 10 min to do a really good cleaning job.
    The part that I found amazing was that the gun only had a dry white powder on it from the overspray, not the typical mess of the other style of gun. Even more amazing is that I didn't have to burn my clothes so LOML didn't find them, I walk into the house and she said " so you just used painting as an excuse to go drink beer eh", she would not believe that we primed the entire basement until I showed her.
    My only complaint is that the hose is a bit stiff but that is only a factor when painting hallways, you have to watch where it is at all times or it will rub on the wall.

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    Good to hear from someone else about the Paint Crew Wayne.

    I looked into one a couple months ago. I wanted to spray UGL Dry-Loc on my basement block walls to reduce the chance of moisture creeping in after we finish off the space. I was in HD looking at the Paint Crew and had a couple questions that the HD paint dept associate couldn't;
    1. Can it spray this heavier paint (Dry-Loc)?
    2. How long do the seals last?
    3. Is there an accessory that will let you feed directly from a 5 Gal bucket of paint or must you pour it into the hopper?
    So I reached for my cell and called the 800 number on the box. The CS rep told me he had used the Paint Crew to paint his basement walls just as I wanted to do. He used a thinner (forget the name but they had it there in HD). He also said that the pistons seals should last about 15 gallons on the heavier paint, and from 20 to 30 gallons on normal latex paints. I believe he said the seals rebuild kit was $49, but they did not have any in the store. There is no way to draw paint from an external container, you have to use the hopper which holds 2 gallons IIRC.
    I have plenty of other painting to do around here over the next year, so I may still pick one up, but I probably won't use it for the Dry-Loc, that project is close to half finished anyway now (the OT on my current job is taking all my home maintenance hours).
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      WHAT!!!! Home Depot didn't carry the seal rebuild kit? This must be the only time HD has dropped the ball when it comes to stocking normal wear and tear replacement accessories for tools they sell. I'm shocked!
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        Almost impossible to believe, isn't it Dave?
        "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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          I have a Magnum XR-7. I really like it. It is easy to use and only runs when you squeeze the handle. Some of the other ones that I have used runs constantly. That seems like it will eventually blow something up. The XR-7 is fairly easy to clean also. You can hook a water hose up to it and run water through until it is clean. However, I completely break mine down after each use and clean the filters (2), the pump screen, all of parts where paint could possibly get. I use a mechanics brush to get all of the debris out of the small areas. One thing that caused me a headache once was the primer hose. If it gets clogged the sprayer will not pull paint up at all. I have used it spray everything from primer to stain to oil base paints and it has never given me a problem. Plus it is on sale now at Home Depot for $499 and that comes with a free roller attachment (about $70). One thing that I do recommend is getting a swivel attachment for the handle. The hose is very stiff and difficult to use if you don't have one. The variety of tips make this a real useful tool. I hate painting but sometimes I just can't avoid it. I painted the outside of a house on friday in just under 4 hours. With the use of shields and somebody keeping the hose clear it is ridiculously fast.