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  • TS3650 on sale!

    For anybody out there who hasn't heard and is bummed because the rebate is over, the TS3650 is no on sale with the orange apron folks for $499. Too bad I just paid $459 a few weeks ago . . . but then I got the "$75 gift-card," whenever I might see that happen!

    I absolutely LOVE the saw. The fence, which was my biggest reservation, is silky smooth and lines up perfectly every time. And to think I've been doing the measure-at-each-end-twice number for the last 40 years! No more!

    I installed the MuleCab router table while assembling the saw, and the whole thing is very sweet. A very capable machine, especially compared to my old (and I mean OLD) Craftsman with a hand-me-dwon Delta fence.

    Go for it!
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    Hey hiloguy, did you mean that you paid $549? I did the same thing and took my receipt back to Home Depot. They refunded the difference. You might want to check it.