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What kind of Mitre saw for Deck?

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  • What kind of Mitre saw for Deck?

    I'm building a large deck and I need a saw to make clean exact cuts through 2x8 to 2x12, as well as composite decking.

    I'm looking at a Ridgid dual sliding 12" compound mitre saw, but it's $750 CDN.

    There's a Bosch 10" for $399 at Rona.

    Then I saw on ebay and at Timbertown a Superior for much less.

    I usually buy good quality tools - there's no use buying a crappy tool and then buying the better one afterwards anyway.

    Any suggestions on a good saw/price range/brand to go with? I heard Hitachi is the best but it's a lot of $$$. Bosch? Ridgid? I think I'm done with DeWalt after the 3 18v drills I've had but if they build a better saw I could go Yellow.

    The Ryobi has decent specs and it's not too much money.

    Is the laser useful or a stupid gimmick?

    If I get a good one it will get used in the future, guaranteed. I already have an inherited crappy miter saw - an old Delta with no guard that we call the 'WidowMaker'. It's about 1/8 off of true on a 2x4 so I don't want it anywhere near my new $6000 deck project.

    What should I buy?

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    I had recently purchased a Dewalt DW708 on clearance for $300.00
    The stores are replacing them with the DW718.
    Last time I was in Costco they had the DW718 for a fair price and it came with a cordless drill.


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      I'm in the same boat, and I'm definitely going to go with a 12" slider for my upcoming deck and siding projects.

      The Ridgid 12" slider is on sale in the US for $499 (~$560 CND), and I have a 20% off coupon for HD so I'm leaning towards that one. The only problem I have with it is the's so darn big and heavy, but lifetime warranty.

      The Metabo KGS305 is on ebay for $519, and for $570, which is another one I'm considering....very nice machine.

      The Bosch 5412L is sweet too, it's around $550 US. I'm hoping it will drop in price on Amazon, because they have a 10% sale right now. It's the one I really want, I used it at one of the Bosch tool events and it is sweet, up front controls and great cuts.

      My buddy just picked up the new Hitachi, and it is sweet. The only problem is that it is $650 US at Lowes. That new sliding mechanism is awesome. You can mount it on a bench and it won't hit the wall when you slide it. 5 year warranty. But I have an HD coupon that they will accept, so maybe I'll go that route.

      I've been on the fence for over a month now, and I'll probably be for another one


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        You should be able to make those cuts with a circular saw with a good blade. working with 2X12's on a miter saw can be a real pain.


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          I'm waiting to see if Makita drops the price on their basic 10" LS1013 SCMS anytime soon. I was at House of Tools the other day in Saskatoon and they had the Makita LS1214 for CDN$699. That's their 12" SCMS with the newer bigger base but without the laser or fluorescent light -- still, a pretty good price. The 10" LS1013L (with the laser) was $729, $30 more than the laser-less 12". The guy told me that Makita had simply dropped their price on the 12", but I'm wondering if this is because they're doing away with the laser-less models altogether. And if so, the LS1013 might drop soon, too, right guys? .... GUYS!?


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            how is making cuts on a SCMS more difficult than a circular saw?


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              TO Dingus:

              If I was going to buy a Sliding Miter Compound saw, I would DEFITNITLY buy the Makita LS1013L(with Laser) OR the Makita LS1013LF(with laser and flouresant light)...the LS1013L is $529.00 at Home Depot and the LS1013LF is 529.00 at Home is the smoothest cutting saw on the market...I love mine. I had the LS1013....without the laser and I loved it...when they(Home Depot) starting selling the LS1013L I bought that one as soon as I saw it!! BUY it would will LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                Yeah man, I did end up buying the LS1013L just last week. A local woodworking place was having a going out of business sale so I popped over there on the chance they might have some good deals. First thing I looked for was this saw. I said a little prayer (or was it a threat?) and quickly spotted one near the back. As it turns out, it was the only LS1013L they had ordered. Earlier that morning someone had come in and purchased their last remaining LS1013 -- their display model -- and they were forced to replace it with the newer laser model. The older LS1013 pricetag hadn't been changed, however, and as a bonus he was also now throwing in a pretty nice Makita mitre saw stand, which I'm now certain has never been photographed in the history of man, because I've looked everywhere for one and there aren't any. Anyway, the price didn't being tears of joy to my eyes or anything, but it was still the cheapest I've ever seen the thing listed for anywhere in Canada, and with a solid free stand I would've been braindead not to buy it. And so I did.

                Out of their boxes, I had the saw on the stand in about three minutes and spent the rest of the day playing with it. Not a single adjustment was needed; not even tiny ones, which seemed oddly disappointing. The laser, I quickly realized, is actually really nice to have, not to mention more precise than I could've imagined. What an awesome saw. I love it. Maybe even a little too much.

                I'm sure the 12" Ridgid would've been good, too, but I had done my research and I knew this saw would never disappoint, so it wasn't a tough decision.


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                  the makita ls1013L is 449 on amazon right now....should i pull the trigger?


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                    i would say YES!!!!!!
                    9/11/01, never forget.


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                      For what it's worth...

                      All the saws in this thread seem to be great saws.

                      Just a couple food-for-thought comments.

                      I tend to use my old and cheap "beater" compound mitre saw I have for outdoor and decking work. I don't sweat minor weather issues, leaving it out overnight, the weird stuff in treated lumber, smacking it with a 4x4 or any of the other issues that might come about on outside projects. Then I keep my sweet Ridgid (MS1065LZ) in the shop with a nice blade.

                      Only issue that bug's me is when you have to switch to a circular for the wider boards. The sliders are really super for this but take up ton's of room in a small shop.

                      So in my case, the two-saw option is more practical than the one expensive slider. If you are determined to only own one saw, the slider certainly seems to be the answer though.