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  • bs14002 14in band saw

    I am the new and proud owner of the TS3650. I have been using it throughout my house renovations and couldn't be happier. I can't say the same however for the BS14002. Immediately upon assembling the unit, I found that the paint job had been poorly done and most of it flaked off. Secondly, after aligning the the drive belt & pulleys, I found the flimsy rubber gromets and motor base did absolutely nothing for the vibration. I can actually see the blade guides move around when the saw is operating. I tried to get some information in the manual to fix the vibration problem yet it was not very helpfull. I live in northern bc so service is nowhere to be found. I feel helpless and avoid when possible to use the saw.
    Can anyone please help me find out how to fix this problem? Has anybody else experienced the same thing?
    Mark Gravel

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    Many have reported that replacing the stock v-belt with a link belt does alot to help reduce vibration. I'm not implying that your pulleys aren't aligned properly but misaligned pulleys can also be a cause of vibration.

    As far as the paint job is concerned, I'd return the BS if it was purchased within the last 90 days. No reason why you have to settle for that at all.
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      I have a BS14002 as well, about 5 months old. I perceive what may be called design flaws, but I'm not an engineer; just an end user. I was initially disappointed as well, but back then I knew nothing about using a bandsaw.
      The link belt helps a whole lot. Moving the motor to the back of the mounts then can be done. This allows you to open the lower door fully. If the machine is not level with 4 feet on the floor, vibrations come on also.
      If you do a search on this forum with "bandsaw" as the key word, you will see other posts I have made about this machine. See if something there helps. I'd be happy to pass on any other items I've learned.
      The "chrome" paint has flaked some on the wheels, but with the doors closed, I don't worry about it too much.