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    I've got a customer that has the 10" Ryobi Bandsaw that takes a 67" blade. He is wondering if it is possable to find metal cutting bladeds for it. All we have in stock at HD are 4 and 6 tooth models. I can't find any 67" bladeds that i'm able to get through HD so i've resorted to trying the internet to see if they are out there. I found several places that'll custom weld band saw blades to 67" but i'm having a hard time finding blades pre-done. The closest i can find are 67 1/2" from places like woodcraft and the such.

    My question is: in a bandsaw that takes a 67" blade will a 67 1/2" blade be made to fit. Are there any other bandsaw blade resources that you guys, the more experianced, use? Also what width blade is recommended for metal cutting?


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    I'm pretty sure that Suffolk Saw will make any lenght BS blade you want. They sell the Timber Wolf line of blades which are top shelf.
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