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  • Ridgid Shop Vacs on Sale

    HD is running a sale now on all shop vacs $69 and up. When you purchase a vac you will recieve a $40 HD gift card by mail. So if you're in the market for a new vac this is the time to pick it up. The newer 'pro-pack' vac that is portable and stores all it's attachments and hose in itself is $69 so pretty much paying 30 bucks for that great vac is a deal. I forget when the sale ends but all HD stores should have it as an endcap through the month of june so i'd assume it ends then.

    Just giving everyone a heads up

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    you would be paying $30 for the vac if it was a rebate.


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      Opps i mis spoke yesterday. The propack is actually 89 dollars so you'd be essentionally 50 dollars for it.


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        ok, so you would still be paying $89 for it. you just happen to get a $40 gift card with the purchase.

        $89 still comes out of your pocket.


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          Has anyone else seen this offer? I asked the guys at HD about it today and they didn't have any clue (big surprise) as to what I was talking about.


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            Yeah, I looked at 2 HD's in my area in GA, no luck either. Looked on the website for the rebate form, ad, nada...


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              Originally posted by CheekyMonkeyWrench
              ok, so you would still be paying $89 for it. you just happen to get a $40 gift card with the purchase.

              $89 still comes out of your pocket.
              I've always had the same view....the bank account is still debited the amount paid...the item doesn't cost less, you just get more stuff for your money, unless you resell some of the stuff for cash. Nice to know I'm not alone!


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                But if you pay for it with your HD credit card, you can make a payment on the credit card in the store with the gift card.

                I worked that a couple of times over the years. You do need to have a 0% interest thing going though, since it usually takes much longer than a month to get the gift card.



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                  As usual HD is dropping the ball again. The promotion is for a $40 gift card but someone forgot to send the rebate forms to the stores so that customers can get there gift cards. And of course it is not on the website for some reason even though other rebates are listed. It may not go into effect until June 1 alot of promotions run from the first of the month to the last day of the month or something close.


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                    Just go to and click on the My Ebox Log In image on the left side of the main page. You will need to create a profile if this is your fist time to register anything to set up you Ebox. Don't know if the vacs come with LSA or not though??

                    Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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                      Originally posted by Golden Gopher
                      I just bought the wall mount. I want to register it for the LSA. I'm having trouble finding the right spot on the website. It tells me to contact technical services. I just want to register it along with a 9.6 volt screwdriver. I'm computer savy, but this is stumping me. Help!

                      The lifetime service agreement only applies to the power tools and nailers. The vacs are coverd by a lifetime warranty to be free of defects from the results of workmanship and materials. You do not register the vacs like you do the tools. Here is a link I found on the website hope it comes through:


                      It should open a pdf file explain the lifetime warranty. To answer the questions that will arise here is the reason the vacs and compressors are made by Emerson and the tools are made by OWT. Hope this helps.


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                        HD Comes Through!

                        I bought a Ridgid Shop Vac that should have carried a $40 Gift Card as a rebate. As others have noted, HD screwed the pooch (and consumers!) by not having a form to complete the process. I went back to the store and explained the situation to a customer service manager, she made one phone call and rerang the item in a way to give me a $40 better price on the vac and then gave me a Gift Card as a "refund". No fuss, no muss, no wasted six weeks waiting for the mail.

                        Home Depot Corporate did make a mess of this promotion, but the stores in the Minneapolis area will honor the program with some "creative" cash register work. Local service lives!


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                          Wish there was some info regarding this "rebate" on someones site. I really would like to get the RIDGID Stor-N-Go Cleaning Station wet/vac but not sure if this is a valid wet/vac for this offer and when this offer expires! Hope it is advertised soon!


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                            This happens every so often with rabate programs. The program starts and we're given no form to give to the customers. What i've done in the past and am doing now is getting a list of all the customers that have bought a vac and as soon as we get the forms i mail them a form.

                            I know it is not as nice as the instant rebate given to Golden Gopher but i seriously doubt a store will do that more than a couple of times. The reaosn being the is a 40 dollar markdown from the store and those add up quickly. One of the most often looked at reports by managers is the markdown week to date report and is is very important to keep those to a minimum. So taking a 40 dollar hit for every vac is just a practice a store cannot do many times with out thier district manager noticing and making a quick stop to that practice.

                            So it was a nice deal that you got Golden but i'm just saying for all you other forum users don't go to HD expecting that to work. It would be wonderful for rebate programs to work like that but they are designed the company to take a hit, not the individal stores.


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                              This offer is now in the current HD circular (at least in my area) and the rebate is now posted on the website. Basically buy a ridgid wet/vac for $69 or more, and get a $40 rebate. Offer expires 6/28/06. Here is a link.