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  • How about half price?

    Dunno if this is just a Hawaii thing, but in our HD store (Hilo) right now, they're doing this thing again where you get a whopping 50% discount on any new power tool purchase you make with your new commercial account. So if you sign up for a commercial account, you get the discount. Like a new TS3650 for $250! Last time they did this I picked up a seven-piece tool DeWalt cordless package that listed for $599. I walked out of the store with it for less than $300. What a deal! The discount applies to any combination of power tools on the same ticket and has a max discount of $300.

    The DeWalt stuff included an angle grinder, 3/8" hammer drill, a terrific drill/driver, a recip saw (like a sawzall), a circular saw (that surpassed all expectations), a sheet-metal shear, three batteries, a charger and a tool bag that's so big you can't lift it if you fill it. Not bad for $300!

    Yeah, I know I shouldn't be talking up DeWalt stuff on a Ridgid Forum, but I did buy my TS3650 a month or so ago and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! After 40 years of using my (now) ancient Craftsman saw with its hand-me-down Delta fence, the TS3650 is a dream. It has a MuleCab router table extension (with an additional brace to support the outer far end) and the whole package is very sweet. No complaints at all. It went together without a hitch and everything lined up perfectly after the requisite and expected minor adjustments.
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