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Ridgid Hammer/Pulse Drill?

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  • Ridgid Hammer/Pulse Drill?

    Anyone know whats going on with the 5010 Hammer Drill, my old one finally died on me and i went to Home Depot to get the Ridgid and there were none! They werent even on the display shelf! I went to 3 stores in PA and one in NJ and found that only one had a display model left and told me they couldnt sell it until it was discontinued. Then he went to check to see when they were getting them in and said they havent ordered them yet. Are they being discontinued, is there a new model coming out to replace it. I sure would like to know, cause i need to get one soon for my business. Anyone have an idea? thanks for the help

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    Have You Seen The Price Of Gas?

    I hate to rub this in but:
    1/2 In. Heavy-Duty VSR Hammer/Pulse Drill

    Why not just ADD TO Cart? And save all that time and gas?

    I'll bet you spent enough gas running around to afford overnight freight. Put it in UPS's lap.
    Tools Rule


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      I was wondering about that myself, in two separate HD’s this past week I noticed them on the clearance shelf but at the regular price and none where they are usually located. If one were the inquiring type, they may speculate that there is a parting of the ways between Metabo and Ridgid, first the 6” sander was replaced with a non-Metabo made model and now the Metabo built Hammer Drill is becoming scarce, now lets see how long it takes to get that rumor spreading. You can always pick up a reconditioned one from these guys.,1226.htm



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        Hey guys!
        The 5010 is on its way out, the new drill should be in the stores I believe in August if not sooner. Ridgid did part ways with Metabo and are building their own stuff.