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msuv for framing?

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  • msuv for framing?

    how much weight can it support and is it heavy duty enough to cut 2x10s on thanx

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    Oddly, the web site doesn't provide any specifications; but HD tool catalog says it will handle 200 lbs maximum capacity. So, subtract the weight of the tool and you will get some idea of the weight that the MSUV will handle.

    The DeWalt DW723 ($199) and the Ryobi CMS Stand ($99) have a max capacity of 400 lbs. Neither of these have wheels however.

    Can we presume you will be using a sliding CMS? I believe the maximum crosscut on a standard 12" CMS is only about 8 inches or so and therefore will not totally crosscut a 10- or 12-inch joist.

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      I have used my MSUV to cut 2x10's before.... works fine.
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        The extension supports on the MSUV extend out about 4" from the center and have their own support legs. I have cut 10' 2x12s (wet, treated lumber) on mine, and it didn't have a problem with the weight. When doing 10'+ pieces (of any size, 'cause I have cut 16' 1x6s also)), I use additional support out past the center of balance of the board. IMHO, the MSUV will handle the weight, but you need to make sure the board is flat on the cutting surface, especially if you are squaring ends or doing miter cuts on the end of a rafter, etc, but this applies to any saw/table.
        Realize that the extension supports with the legs extended take a lot of weight off the MSUV itself. My GUESS is that the 200lb rating applies to the MSUV without the extensions/legs in place. Maybe someone from Ridgid can answer that??

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          imo, the msuv looks more heavy duty than it is.

          when i mounted my non ridgid 12"csms, when the slider was all the way to the back, the msuv at times felt like it was going to tip over, even with the extensions.

          2nd, the msuv has this annoying bob on the non wheel side bye the rubber handled pull kno . i went to an HD and the floor model had the same problem

          lastly, that sucker is heavy with a 12 slider mounged on top, and don't expect the soldid rubber wheels to turn on anything other than smooth concrete.


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            I've used it to cut PT2x10x16 and it worked fine.