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  • Looking for new cordless tools

    I am currently in the Market for a new cordless tool system. I currently have a Dewalt 9.6v drill and its batteries are starting to reach the end of their life after checking the price of 2 new batteries and seeing that they are worth more than the drill was new I have decided to see what I can find.

    In a little over a month my wife and I will be moving out of our condo and into a older home. We plan on doing a good deal of work to this home and I would like to get a good cordless tool set to use during the renovations we plan on doing. Our plans include redoing a bathroom, and kitchen. There is a closed in porch like addition that has a corrugated steel roof on it that we plan on renovating by replacing windows and putting on a real roof.

    I have about $500 to spend on tools and I would like to get something that will be able to hold up for a serious several month use and then intermittent homeowner use for the rest of their life. I have many of these tools in the corded models but like the convenience of cordless.

    I have looked at the Ryobi 1 plus system, and the Ridgid 5 pc tool set (18v Recip saw, 6.5” circ saw, impact driver, hammer drill, and Flashlight, Dual bank 20min Charger and bag) both seem to be good tool sets.

    What I am curious is to know is of those of you who have these tools what kind of use have you gotten out of them how reliable have they been and which would you recommend and why. I have found very limited reviews online and being that this forum has a wide range of visitors with different experience and professions that you all would possible have some helpful insight on these two systems by TTI.

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    Ridgid make some excellent tools. But I would suggest the Ryobi for your needs. I have both and for homeowner work the Ryobi will give great service at a lower cost. Even extra batteries are quite a bit cheaper and there is a whole range of tools to fit the same batteries.
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