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Question for R2930 router owners

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  • Question for R2930 router owners

    I purchased the Ridgid r2930 router combo and noticed that there are fine cracks in the plexiglass sub base of both the fixed base and plunge base.

    Went back to HD, exchanged the router for a 2nd one. Brought it home. Sure enough, it also has fine cracks in both sub bases. Is this normal?

    Cracks are about an inch long, and each crack extends from one hole to the next.

    I'll try to post pictures.

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    Here are pictures of only a few of the hairline cracks, as some didn't show up in photos.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Router 1.JPG
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    Click image for larger version

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      I don't have the router, but have been giving it very serious consideration. If you're sure that they are cracks and not just surface marks, then I would presume that they are not normal.

      Cracks are usually indicative that the plexiglass or acrylic (not sure which this is) base was stressed around the mounting holes. This could be from the mounting screws being too tight or that either the casting or baseplate wasn't perfectly flat when the screws were tightened. However, usually if the surfaces wasn't flat one would get a crack on one side or the other, usually resulting in the last area being tightened.

      The only other cause for stress cracks that I can think of, would be if the drilling process was rushed, with the drill bit putting pressure on the plate in excess of it's boring speed. This would result in a "batch" of defective plates and would hopefully go away as soon as the QA folks spotted the problem. It may have been deemed not critical enough to pull from assembly.

      I think I'd give Ridgid Technical Support a call and see what they had to say about it. Also offer to send them your excellent photos. (Very nice job, by the way!)

      Oh yeah, welcome to the forum and let us know how you make out with this problem,