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Broken?? (18v Impact)

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  • Broken?? (18v Impact)

    I am wondering if I need to try to exchange or send in for repair my 3mo old 18V impact.

    It gets very hot very fast, I know heating up is normal for a impact but this seems to get hotter than other impacts I have used, and it gets hot faster. Maybe that is just a Ridgid thing???

    I mainly us it to install self tapping screws in to metal, Alot of the time if you apply any pressure on the tool it automatically starts impacting, none of the other impacts I have do this, is this also I ridgid thing?

    This is my first experiance with them, I was taken with with a sale price and the lifetime warranty at a HD I was at so I bought the 5pc combo kit, soo far and a happy with all of the tools, but the impact. The bad part it that is the tool I need the most for my job

    If you own this tool I would love to find out if mine is busted or if it is time to retire this set to the pawn shop!!!


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    take it to your nearest service center. I've never had a problem with mine and I've used it for months driving self tapers into metal studs.
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