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Bandsaw Wheel Balancing

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  • Bandsaw Wheel Balancing

    I removed my upper wheel on my bandsaw to balance and noticed on the back of the wheel that on one side there was a series of drill holes (not all the way through though). Is this the way the wheels are balanced from the factory or did I get a saw that had been used? It is a Ridgid BS1400 and it was all packaged up liek it came from the factory. Ron

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    Ridgid sent me a replacement wheel but I didn't what they sent. It didn't even have the center bearing intalled and was in a box with just a piece of brown paper around it. Not very good shipping! Anyway, has anybody ever remove the center bearing assembly and installed in a new wheel. If so, please tell me how. Thank, Ron


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      I've never worked on this particular tool, but I did want to respond to your question about "balancing".

      I would suspect that the drilled holes was the method used. I do know from my limited experience, that drilling the heaviest side of the rim is a practice used on compressor sheeves (belt wheels), and it would seem applicable to any type of lightweight cast wheel, where the rim has a thickness that would allow for drilling away material to bring it into balance.

      Regarding the bearing replacement or transfer, I don't know for certain, but it could be a press fit. Perhaps a call to Ridgid Technical Support or to your nearest authorised Ridgid Service Center would provide you with more information.

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        Wheel replacement.

        Hi Ronald,
        I replaced both wheels on my BS-1400.I had bought it used and the wheels were wracked and out of true. I'll post later with details as I'm out the door right now. Just a consideration check out the replacement cast wheels(not Aluminum) from Grizzly. I'll see if I can Find the link. You'll need a bearing puller and a bearing press( I used a local machine shop to press the lower shaft and bearingsi n place.) I'll post more details later or PM Me.