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Which Rigid Wet & Dry Vac?

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  • Which Rigid Wet & Dry Vac?

    i had a shop vac still in working condition i belive it a 12 gall 5 or 6hp with an detachable blower but end up sale it to a freind, i still use it from time to time, but now i need my own since i detail Vehicles from time to time..

    Rigid has a better warranty(? about the warranty is wear and tear part of the warranty and those who have a dry/wet vac how long till it needed service/repair-I am aware answer will vary depending on usage and how well you take care of the unit say every weekend- i would assume the common problem to repair would be the plug wire)

    Now the Shop vac was my first dry/wet vac it performed ok but still looking for something with more suction reason like i said i detail and some customers have sand in there carpets from going to the beach to pet hair which is hard to remove to other things that i dont know and am glad im not clean with my bare hands...

    now im not looking for a large unit because i have a small 2dr vehicle so space is a concern for me to be mobile, so i was thinkin of the Rigid Pro Pack wd4550 but there no specs, the other one is 4gall wet/dry vac wd4050 and 5gall wall vac stor n go wd5500

    im detemine which would better suit me?More convienant, smaller the better,more suction,long hose, long plug wire,variety of attchments, i was recommended by another buddy to go with the wall vac but thought to my self that a wall vac i need something mobile so instead of wall vac being my first leaning on the pro pack but not finalized any help info comments are more then welcomed....again i need more specs on the pro pack also im looking for more suction which wold provide that between these models also aside from this the larger models i assume have more space to contain things but the suctions/hp is the same as all models yes or no....

    now that i search and read some post i understand some more about these type of vacs and what to look for...
    how much gall capacity to hold
    peak hp is noted but what about continous hp
    cord length
    ul listed
    air watts(not sure what that is)

    please add anything to help me make an informed purchase....

    Sorry for the long post and i hope i didnt miss adding anything try to add as much info as i know and am looking for!!!!

    TIA Fellas....

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    Welcome to the forum, have you tried this link
    In the icons it tells you the cord is 20' and the hose is 7' and expandable
    it has a 130 MPH blower port.
    Also try the forum search feature, I think there was a review of the pro pack a while back