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    I recently purchased a 14.4v X2 drill with Impact Drive mail in rebate. I sent the rebate in and was just wondering how long I should expect it to take to get the driver in. Has anyone had any experience with this rebate or other Ridgid rebates? How is there turn around time and reliablity?



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    I mailed my rebate on June 14 and just receive my impact driver yesterday (July 5). Pretty quick, less than a month. It comes in a standard brown cardboard box with the impact driver and a battery along with the instuction manual. I registered it for the life time service agreement and just need to mail in the UPC and purchased receipt. There is a UPC on the box, but as far as the purchased receipt I am not sure what to send in. I have been very please with my ridgid tools.


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      Wesf, you need to send in a copy of the receipt for the tool you purchased that qualified you for the free impact driver. A cover letter explaining the situation should clafify any questions on Ridgid's end. I did this when I registered my stuff. In the cover letter, I also included the Ridgid model numbers, serial numbers and Ridgid ID# assigned to each tool in my eBox. I also included my eBox login name. I can't remember exactly how long it took but in a very short period of time the status of my tools in my eBox was upgraded to LLSA covered and I also received my LLSA Registration Card and number shortly after that. Hope that helps.
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        Thanks for the information.


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          Well just wanted to let people know that I sent my rebate out on 6/27 and I got my impact driver today. The impact driver came with a non rapid max battery and manual. I was kinda disappointed that it didn't come with a case/charger and rapid max battery. However I am not complaining as it was basically free with no fuss. You can order a case from the parts center though, however I do not know how much they are.

          Just for testing purposes I slapped my battery from my drill on it while the new one was charging. I put a 3/8" socket adapter on it with a 3/4" impact socket and tried to remove a wheel lug that was on my jeep that I am currently rebuilding. I was expecting it to remove the lug and it didn't. I was a little bummed so I went to take the socket off and realized that the 3/8" socket adapter shaft had twisted like a twizler. I then realized my stupidity that I had not had the driver in reverse. DOH! Well needless to say when I found my 1/2" socket adapter buried in the tool box after ruining the 3/8" I was then able to easily remove the lugs without a problem. I am very impressed with the torque of this little driver. My torque wrench is on loan right now so I do not have a good idea of the actual reading though.