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How long should it take to get a "gift card?"

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    Rebate, You got to keep on 'em.

    BadgerDave, My HD rebate for $500 went relatively smooth. Because I have been messed over so many times in the rebate process in the past and because it was so much money, I sent the application registered mail. It only took four weeks to get the card back.

    On the other hand, after 12 weeks waiting for my tools to go lifetime registration with Ridgid I made a call. Two minutes later she had everything changed to lifetime on the E Toolbox.

    I would bet that HD is not running the rebates, but some low bid contractor. Who knows what kind of pilfering goes on. I guess I'll find out again, I bought my wife a fridge yesterday.
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      I got the following e-mail today:
      Dear Home Depot Consumer:

      Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the status of your rebate. We have received an overwhelming response to this rebate. Due to the large numbers and some logistical problems that created a backlog, it has created some minor delays in the processing of your rebate. However, we are doing all we can to process your gift card as soon as possible. You should receive it within the next 3-4 weeks.

      If you do not receive your rebate within 3-4 weeks, please feel free to check the status of your rebate at

      Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

      Thank you for contacting The Home Depot.

      Customer Contact Center
      Phone: 1-800-301-9207
      Fax: 1-480-656-9853


      Only time will tell. However, I did notice that I can now see my application when I click the referenced link. Until today, the message I got back just said that they had not received my application yet. At least I know that they are not going to try to say that it got "lost in the mail".


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        A "Minor Delay" They Say, Well.......

        There has also be a "minor delay" in my purchasing anything from HD since the day my Gift Card was supposed to arrive and didn't.
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          Rebate update


          Your rebate was entered successfully on 07/12/06. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing from this date.

          If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact us via e-mail at your convenience and we will be happy to assist you.
          To respond, please select "Reply" in your e-mail software, and be sure that the past e-mail is included in this reply. If your e-mail client automatically deletes prior e-mail thread information, it will cause a delay while we look up your support history.

          Please feel free to view the status of your rebate on our website.

          Thank you for contacting The Home Depot.

          Customer Contact Center
          Phone: 1-800-301-9207
          Fax: 1-480-656-9853


          So... thats 4 -6 weeks after the 4-6 weeks weeks I was told to wait after mailing it in. I am sure in 4 -6 weeks I will be told that the check has been printed, please wait 4-6 weeks for us to get it into our mailbox, then another 4-6 weeks for the post office to deliver...

          I will tell you that I will not take 4 -6 weeks to take that card down to HD and spend EXACTLY $125.00. If I need anything else, I am off to Lowes!


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            Apparently HD uses the Pony Express to fulfill gift cards...

            Promotion Home Depot - Ultimate Power Deal GC
            Rebate Number 076247
            Promotion Type Gift Card
            Submission ID 74418953
            Status Your gift card was mailed on 24-Jul-2006. Please allow at least 30 days for delivery.


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              "gift" card

              I sent my $40 shop vac rebate in 2 days after purchase then waited. After 4 weeks I saw this thread and decided to do the online rebate status check, of course it showed as no results. Fired off a customer service email, waited a week no reply. Sent another email to customer service. 3 days later the online rebate status showed they received the paperwork. 2 more days and they finally responded to my first email saying that it's already in the system. I wait another week and do a online rebate status check and now no record again. Looks like I will just return the vac and make sure I don't buy anything at Home Depot that entices you with a rebate.

              I have been happy with all my Ridgid tools just wish they would expand outside of Home Depot.


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                Hey, guys, I feel your pain...LOL!! Sorry to be whining in my first post here, but after going through all the same hassles and run-arounds most of you have experienced, I finally received my gift card today. Only one little problem.....I spent $2200, expected to get back $500, and the card is only for $125. Even checked with the tool dept mgr in the store to make sure all my purchases qualified before I bought the stuff, no problem there.
                Soooo, no more e-mails, it'll be on the phone with the idiots first thing in the morning and I pity the person who answers.
                I was pretty much forced out of semi-retirement by Katrina last year and into remodeling and repairs. Started with neighbors who saw what I was doing with my house, then got out of control with word of mouth.
                I've used HD mostly for the supposed convenience of "one stop shopping", but half the time I have to wait for an hour while they stock the aisles before I can get what I need. This gift card thing is the final straw. No more HD.
                I'm sure Phillips, 84 Lumber, Lowe's, and a couple other places will be happy to split the $80k or so I'm spending annually. Heck, I might even find somebody who knows what "customer service" means!
                Oh, well, enough of that. Do have to say I'm happy so far with the Ridgid tools I have.


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                  I finally received one of three rebates. For the second rebate they claimed I did not include the UPC and on the third, it was claimed that the postmark was outside of the stated dates for the promotion. Very strange since I watched the lady at the Post Office stamp the date on the envelope.

                  Looks like HD will be losing my business as well.


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                    I got my gift card!!!

                    To those of you who are still patiently awaiting your gift card, here's good news: In only about three short months, it finally showed up! And it has no time-out date, either. That's pretty cool for these days.

                    Better late than never, and seeing as how I really didn't make my purchase based on knowing I was gonna ever get the gift card, I consider it a bonus.

                    Bottom line, after the dust settled, my TS3650 and a $60 Ryobi bench grinder (a real POS, BTW) cost me $530. Had I not bought the grinder and settled for the $75 card instead of the $125 card, the saw would have cost me $525. Is the grinder worth $5? Well, now that I tossed the supports and made new ones, I guess it's worth $5. But not $6.

                    The best part is that I love the TS3650! No regrets.
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                      I've been wondering what happened to my $40 ridgid vac gift card rebate that I submitted the first week of May. I checked this thread today and went online to check the status ... which said my submission was invalid b/c I did not send the original UPC code. The note said I sent a copy of the UPC, not the original.

                      I checked the box in my attic, and sure enough I did sent the original.

                      I called the 800 number in this thread prepared for a big mess, but I spoke to a guy who "cleared the error" in about 60 seconds and said I'll receive my card in about 3 weeks.

                      Where's the easy button?


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                        This is the same thing they claimed with me. It is really a shame, but I have a feeling they are doing everything possible not to honor these rebates.
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