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Who is GMC Tools...Any Good?

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  • Who is GMC Tools...Any Good?

    The Amazon website has an assortment of tools labled "GMC".

    The prices are eye-popingly low and each tool seems to have a couple of positve reviews. Maybe the reviews are bogus or maybe these tools are decent quality and a great value.

    Any experience out there?

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    Lowe's carries this line. They are o.k. at best for the occasional home crafty type. But, anything else is sort of a waste of time in my opinion. My brother bought one of the bench top table saws and it will cut fine up to 1 inch. Anything larger than that, is slow going. The blade binds down easily. However, they are inexpensive and quick way to get started in this type of hobby.


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      GG, from what I can tell from reading about these tools, they sound like they're on a par quality wise with the likes of ProTec and Tool Shop tool lines.
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        I have the small gmc cordless screwdriver but I'd say that gmc are very similar to ryobi but with fewer tools available. For little things it gets the job done. I got mine for 20 bucks and used it a lot before getting some larger cordless tools.

        And some reviews on the hd and Lowe's websites are a total load of crap. HD had a little "competition" that if you wrote a review for a tool or item on their site you would be entered to win a $2000 gift card. So beware of wolves with sheep's typing.
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          Thanks to all you guys for your input. For light use, that 8 1/4" miter saw for $44.95 less 10% still calls to me. I don't buy low end tools, but I must be going through middle-age crazy...$40.00 for any serviceable saw seems great!

          Thanks again.



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            Re: Who is GMC Tools...Any Good?

            I got mine for 20 bucks and used it a lot before getting some larger cordless tools.
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              Re: Who is GMC Tools...Any Good?

              GMC has one piece of technology that they are working on that would be in my opinion the single greatest thing to happen to tools ever. FLASHCELL battery technology, as of now they only have smalled volt batteries like 4.2. The technology allows a fully drained battery to be fully recharged in 45 SECONDS. Coleman also uses this battery for their 5.4 volt drill and charges in 90 seconds.


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                Re: Who is GMC Tools...Any Good?

                They are budget-grade brand tools for the most part, with the operation located in Australia. Most of the tools are sub contracted out to China, but of course most US tools are subbed that way, too.

                Most of the tools appear to not be particularly great. I owned their early sliding compound miter saw for a while, but ended up giving it away. (The company later on offered an updated version that at least looked more competent.) It was not a dud, mind you, and it would probably have worked OK as a jobsite saw of some kind. My biggest beef against it was that it did not have a motor braking feature. It was also a bit out of alignment and the defect could not be corrected.

                My current version is the superb Ridgid 12-inch slider, which is a champion by any standard.

                Getting back to GMC, note that I did also purchase the GMC dust collector, which although pretty basic (Grizzly's budget version is similar), works fine for me. This is because I do most of my work outside on the deck in front of my small backyard workshop and just use the collector to blow sawdust out into the natural wooded area that is my property. Mother nature takes care of the rest.

                One other GMC tool I purchased was their three-blade powered hand planer. That item is actually pretty good: very smooth and easy to handle. It even came with a spare set of cutter blades. They have since updated the version from the one I have, however.

                I purchased all three of my GMC items from Lowe's, which appears to no longer be dealing with the line.

                Howard Ferstler