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  • Ryobi Spindle Sander

    I know this is a Ridgid forum, but i would like to know where I can find the Ryobi oscilating spindle sander. I know Ridgid makes one, but I do not like the belt feature. If it would lay flat, it would be ok. Ron

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    If you can't find it at Home Depot then ebay would be the next best place to look.
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      Home Depot doesn't know anything about them. They said if it isn't on the shelf, they don't sell it. Found the sleeves. but no sanders (ebay and HD). It is like it doesn't exist anymore! It wasn't out for very long. Ron


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        Ryobi i believe stopped making them about a year or a year and a half ago. Or at least thats when I last remember my HD carrying them. The model number is OSS500 so ebay is really the only place to try and find them anymore. When it was at home depot the price was $99 i believe also.

        Good luck locating one.


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          Ryobi Spindle sander

          Thanks cellardoor. Yes, that is the model I was looking for. Since they stopped making it, I now hestitate on getting or finding one, due to finding parts if it breaks. From what I remember, it was a good value for the money, solid and well built. Ron


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            As I recall, it has been around two years since Home Depot stopped carrying it. If my memory serves me right they were still available in Canada for awhile after that.

            Some opinions at the time were that Home Depot decided to drop the Ryobi model because it was in direct competion with the Ridgid model that sells for around twice the price.

            IMO Ryobi and Ridgid both suffer from the "exclusivity" that Home Depot has with their products. If HD views it as not fitting with their contractor or average home owner customer base, they push hard to remove it from their shelves. From my observation, HD has dropped several Ryobi tools in the last three years, most of them decent woodworking tools for the home craftsman, but not the kind of thing that either the average homeowner or contractor would use.