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Anybody know AH for the 12 volt Drill/driver batteries

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  • Anybody know AH for the 12 volt Drill/driver batteries

    I am shopping around for a new DD and can't seem to find out what the AH's are on the 12 volt batteries that come with the DD. Anybody know or direct me? Thanks

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    I've got some that are 1.3A/hr and 1.7A/hr.

    The 1.7s are fairly new and recent.
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      Thanks Phil. This information seems to be a closely guarded secret but not just by Ridgid, DeWalt seems pretty closed mouth about it too. I guess if your product can't hold up to others that are better then don't mention it and it'll fool everybody. I guess Makita has the best battery out there then but DeWalt seems to be more powerful and Ridgid has the life time warranty.


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        Most of the big boys have good batteries,bosch,milw,dewalt,makita,ther all good ,but sometimes you just get some bad ones,and they should warranty them if under there time ridgid offers a lifetime warranty on batteries,and that makes me think that i will be sending alot of batteries back for warranty,and if you have the time well than a ridgid is for you.
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