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Any body have the 12 volt drill/driver?

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  • Any body have the 12 volt drill/driver?

    I am wanting to purchase a 12 volt drill/driver and am considering Ridgid. Does anybody out there have one of these and tell me a little about them. Like are they any good as far as speed for drilling and do the batteries which are Ni-CD keep a charge fairly well compared to any other 12 volts you may be familiar with. It's a toss up right now between DeWalts 12 volt and this one and leaning towards the DeWalt due to the AH's but that's the only reason. Otherwise I actually like all other features and appearances of the Ridgid. Thanks for any help.

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    I would go with the Ridgid's. Make sure that what the amp hours are on the Dewalt, I was burned once because the XRP is their longer run time (2.4 Amp Hours) than their XR (1.7 amp Hours) batteries. This is why you can get the same drill cheaper at Home depot. But to answer your question; 12 Volts is better for light duty jobs, because the smaller the voltage the more charge cycles the batteries will take = longer lasting batteries.
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      I have the ridgid 12 volt drill and impact driver set. The impact driver is a main tool now for driving screws and lag bolts. Once you try it you will see why.


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        I know this thread is a few weeks old, but figured I'd reply anyway.

        I bought the 12v combo with the drill and impact. When I first bought it in '05 I tried using the impact to drive a 1/4" lag bolt through a bored 4x4 into a couple 2x4's on my deck and it would only sink it about half way.

        Grabbed the drill and it drove it flush but bent the shaft a little bit. Figured the impact must be messed up since it's supposed to have twice the torque of the drill. I just called it a "you get what you pay for" lesson and tossed them both on the shelf and didn't really touch them again.

        Used the drill the other night to try and drill 2 - 5/16" holes in a ATV winch mount with a brand new DeWalt HSS bit. Got half way through the first hole, and the variable speed switch started acting up, then drill started wobbling really bad so I had to switch to the cheap B&D I had to finish the job. Needless to say the shaft and switch need to be replaced. Nice... after a whole 2 uses. Junk!

        The Ridgid kit was bought to replace a working first gen ('94)12v DeWalt that just needed a new battery. Yes, the battery that died was the one that came with it. I figured why spend $60 for a battery when I was able to buy the Ridgid kit for $129. (Clearance at HD)

        So, in my opinion. I only used the drill a couple times and it's low quality makes it pretty much worthless. Extremely disappointed in Ridgid quality. Impact doesn't put out anywhere close to 700 in/lbs. Both are being sent it for repair today. (Hence the reason I'm on here now)

        I'll keep the impact driver because even though it was weak, it did come in handy when I fixed a hot tub, but the drill is being sold as soon as it gets back and I'll just buy another battery for the DeWalt. . . which was heavily used and abused and still works fine, albeit a very, very small chuck wobble.

        I'm not sure if DeWalt quality is the same now, but I wouldn't think twice about buying a DeWalt over the Ridgid. I got suckered into the cheap price and lifetime SA like so many others, but feel I was ripped off.


        PS. I will admit that in was in '05 (after mine messed up) where I read numerous horror stories about their quality even after waiting months for warranty work and that's why I just tossed it on the shelf. Figured why fix it if it's still going to be junk when it comes back. So, if they've started using quality replacement parts then it could turn out to be a decent kit. . . but I'm not holding my breath.