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Just got a TS2400LS Table Saw

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  • Just got a TS2400LS Table Saw

    I just bought a TS2400LS table saw to replace my old Ryobi. I don’t normally go out of my way to promote other peoples products but I just have to say after a couple days of use that it rocks! Finally someone understands that many people do not have the space for a large table saw in their garage. This thing literally folds up into its own cart and can be stored on end in a relatively small place. It has 2 large wheels that can roll easily even over fairly rough surfaces and its light too. It is literally a breeze to move either folded or unfolded.

    On top of that it has a few cool features that I really like. These are not particularly unique but I notice they are missing on a lot of table saws I looked at. First the blade guard detaches with single knob accessed from the back in a few seconds. My old saw I had to dig down into the machine with a couple of wrenches and it was a total pain. Also both the fence and the square securely attach to the side of the machine for when you aren’t using them. Best of all the tracks that the fence rides in move out to expand the cut size. I could do this with my old saw but again it was a pain. With this saw you just flip a lever and tracks glide easily in or out.

    I can’t really say anything about reliability yet. I suppose time will tell on that front.
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