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milwaukee v28 drill problem

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  • milwaukee v28 drill problem

    I bought a new V28 set on ebay. I remember that the earliest version of the hammer drill had a problem with the motor overheating and this has since been corrected. Now I'd like to make sure that I haven't got one of the old ones. I did a google search but found nothing. I have emailed Milwaukee and am awaiting their response. Does anyone know if a website exists that would list serial numbers of affected drills? Any info would be appreciated.

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    On monday i'd just call 1-800-SAWDUST

    It's thier CS number. I would think it would be the fastest way to get a response from them.


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      Your serial number will tell you when it was when i get a tool in and it looks good and not beat to a pulp,since milw has a five year warranty on manuf,defects,i will change a motor out. i have never seen any bullitons,on any bad motors,nor were we informed on any serial numbers to watch out for. so i would just use it and see what happens. i have had only 2 v-28 in for repair so far and i warrantied both,one was a switch and one a motor. so enjoy your bad *** new toy and donot worry about it .milw.has always been good about warranties.but now that they are owend buy tti only time will tell about quality(whitch i feel will decline,as i see in the new style saw zaw).
      A fishing pole is the best cordless tool!


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        Thanks for the reply. Here is the email I got back from Milwaukee.

        __________________________________________________ ____________
        Thank you for your email to Milwaukee Electric Tool.

        Your tool was manufacture the 12th week of 2006. Below is the official
        response regarding your question about the V28 Hammer Drills:

        You may have seen a recent article in Consumer Reports that we believe
        contains misleading information about Milwaukee’s V28 Li-Ion technology,
        and specifically the V28 hammer-drill. Ironically, this follows an earlier
        Consumer Reports article, which gave the highest overall cordless rating to
        our V28 circ saw. The latest article tested cordless drills.

        During testing involving 3-1/2” lag screws, three of our V28 hammer-drills
        failed. Upon further investigation, it appears that the tools that they
        tested were some of the earliest production models, which in a few isolated
        cases, did experience overheating in extreme applications, causing motor
        failures. This was an issue that we had already identified through our
        quality control processes and stringent field testing. Shortly after launch
        of the V28 hammer-drill, we traced this problem to applying a heavy load to
        the tool before an adequate carbon film was established on the commutator.

        To remedy this situation in April 2005, we increased the no-load run-in
        period on the production line and changed to a heavier brush spring. Both
        of these changes reduced the resistance between the brushes and commutator
        and, subsequently the heating problem was rectified. We have now shipped
        V28 hammer-drills for 7-1/2 months and our total warranty claim rate is
        less than 1.5%, impressive for any new-to-world technology. While the
        hammer-drills that CR evaluated in their article may have exhibited this
        failure, we strongly disagree with their conclusions about the entire V28
        platform. In fact, the entire V28 line has had fewer warranty claims than
        any new product launch in Milwaukee’s history, at .62%. We attribute this
        to years of research, extensive in-house, field and independent testing.

        As further independent testament to the quality of this new system,
        Milwaukee’s V28 tools have won numerous major awards from other credible
        trade and consumer magazines that also independently tested the same
        products against the competition. These awards include: Editor's Choice
        Grand Award from Tools of the Trade, Most Valuable Product Award from
        Building Products and 2005 Breakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics

        In addition, we have received countless, unsolicited testimonials from
        professional end users attesting to the durability, power and performance
        of the V28 tool line. At Milwaukee, we consider this the true test for our

        Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.



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          (whitch i feel will decline,as i see in the new style saw zaw). - Chic 7-9-06

          What new Sawzall have you seen from Milwaukee? Corded or Cordless?
          Unless you are the lead Dog, the scenery does not change...


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            I have the 4pc V28....I hope it's not that sawzall

            I've been thoroughly impressed with the lot, especially the drill (because i've used that almost everyday )

            the sawzall has worked wonders, especially with the free Bosch blades i've rec'd b/c of PapaDan

            a little off topic, but i no longer trust/rely on Consumer Reports when in the buying game. they aren't very reliable, i prefer to come to places like this to get competent/reliable opinions/recommendations.


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              The sawzaw that i do not like is the corded 6509-20.they made changes(they means milwuakee before the buy out)to there wobble assembly and to there gears and changed the gear housing.hey i never repaired so many milw. saws.they were built like a tank!now from the brush holder to the shoe they are made cheaper.miwaukee sold out just in time to save face.this is not the only model that has cheapend up.Now there cordless stayed stedfast and are a good tool for now!we will see what big blue does with the whole entire tool line.
              A fishing pole is the best cordless tool!