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    a 1/4 inch hex drive cordless screwdriver. Shoot, this one even has a rotating handle (Hmm, I wonder who they copied for that idea?).
    This one runs on only 4 AA batteries. Of course, at just $12.99, it won't have too many amenities.

    This can be looked at as a blessing or a curse (depending on who gets the gift).

    Way too light-duty for serious work (maybe that IS a selling point).

    On the other hand, PolarSparky1224's young crumbcruncher won't be running off with Dad's tools. Also, at $12.99, it will give dad plenty of small practice projects such as brushing up on his drywall plastering and painting skills. Might even get to do a bit of upholstery work too.

    Moreover, Josh's twins could each get their own so mom and dad don't have to have twins fighting over stuff in the backseat on the way to granma's house at Thanksgiving time, and dad would only be out ~ $30.00 for a day's worth of batteries + tools.

    So, maybe, I've talked myself into this $12.99 gadget, after all, it can be recharged at the campsite so I can shoot a short screw into a tree so I can hang my mirror on a tree for a quick shave.

    Naah, I guess I don't need another tool for tool's sake, besides I don't shave.
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    This one is only $16.99 at Amazon. Still a toy, but you can tell B&D did their homework. They hired a Chinese interpreter that could actually make out the Chinese user manual and specs. It runs a blazing 130rpm with a wrist-twisting 20in/lbs of torque.
    Just think, you might have the power to hang that picture that you've been stepping around that Aunt Judy gave you last Christmas.

    In all fairness to B&D, they have been fooling around with LED lights on the front of the tool and Lithium-ion batteries for some of their tools. They're thinking "Hey, we're on to something here"
    And then, they smoke something "funny" and they come out with this Polish impact wrench*
    *hammer NOT included

    Not to be out done by B&D, and who just returned with fresh ideas from China, Skil's Lithium-ion toy runs an ice-cube melting 200 rpm.

    So, just how serious is Skil? Well, this cordless tool comes with a Radio controlled car. Presumably to give something for everyone, or maybe it's a "Just in Time for Christmas" type of deal. I can tell you this, when I get started with the toys, the work doesn't get done. (OH Crap, NOW I get it! - while you 're waiting on the drill to recharge, you can play)
    They even have an answer for the dude with absolutely zero shop space.
    (I'll bet they got this idea after watching a TotalShop or ShopSmith infomercial one weekend)

    The point is:
    Sift through the oddball (even consumer) tool sites once in a while, you'll be surprised at just how cheap and innovative all the manufacturers have become. And it becomes very obvious that it's a war (for your dollar) out there.
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      My seek the peek fundraiser page

      new work pictures 12/09


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        Originally posted by HVAC HAWK
        Exactly my point. Most of these are toys (although suitable as a gift for the brother-in-law who thinks he's "handy") Or Josh's twins.
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          vg tool

          I was given a Black & Decker model vp750 Type 1 180/min rpm 3.6v made in Mexico VersaPak PivotDriver, and have been completely happy with it, still works great

          IIRC, it was an item on my birthday wishlist from HD