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    I just bought a new ridgid 18v. hammer drill.I have other ridgid tools jointer,sanders and find these all great tools,but the new drill is not a comfortabile feeling tool. It has a hard time standing up on it's own and is very heavy to hold unlike the other tools I have . The only reason I am considering keeping it is because of the warrenty. Does anyone else feel the same that has this drill?:confused

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    You must have bought a R841151, my R84015 (18V) will easily stand on its own with a 16" long 1/2" concrete bit in the chuck.


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      Yes this Drill is hard to hold, and Keyless Chuck will not lock and hold bits good.


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        Originally posted by pam441
        ... and Keyless Chuck will not lock and hold bits good.
        When you put a bit in you have to tighten it until it stops clicking, then it is tight and locked. The keyless chuck on this drill holds concrete bits better than my keyed plug in industrial craftsman.