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  • MS1290LZ screech

    Hi, just bought a MS1290LZ and have a one comment and one question....

    First the comment:
    The laser (the not-so Exactaline) one is about 1/8" off the mark. I thought I was upgrading from my 10" Craftsman....the use of the laser is of personal preference, but when using my craftsman the laser is right on the mark. Called the Rigid tech line and they are sending me a new laser.

    The question:
    I have been using the saw for about a week and have had no real problems to complain of (other than the laser), but yesterday when I went to do some more cutting there is an awful squelch/screech of a noise when I pull the trigger. Then noise subsides when the blade makes a few rotations, but it sound awful. I checked the manual and could not see any 'trouble shooting' tips. I also called the tech line and they said it sounded like a blade issue. I swapped out blades and the problem remains. Does anyone have any idea as to why it would squelch when first spinning up?


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    Check the belt tension.
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