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Milwaukee V28 = Junk

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  • Milwaukee V28 = Junk

    I recently purchased one set of the new Milwaukee cordless tools. Hammerdrill, Sawzall, and bandsaw. After one week of use I had three battery failures out of five. I went back to where I bought them and was denied warranty because the batteries got wet. I don't deny they got wet. They were not submerged or rained on. There had been water run down the bottom side of the Sawzall and off the battery while doing pipe removal. The denial of warranty really angers me. Milwaukee should make their tool better than that. I will never buy Milwaukee again and urge anyone who reads this to do the same. They will look for any excuse to wriggle out of their warranty.

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    Probably not alone.

    ILPlumber, I'd bet no one guarantees batteries if they're wet. I'm not a big fan of Milwaukee, but tool companies never consider water as natural use of the equipment.
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      Yes I understand your point of view. But you know as well as I do working conditions in the field are not always optimum. This should be planned for.
      Like maybe having a better sealed battery instead of a 3 pieced pile of sh t.
      It doesn't matter how powerful they are if a little water kills em'. Also the quick lock blade clamp is a real piece fo crap. Half the time you can't easily get the blade out. Then once you get it open it hangs open.


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        I'm with you. I think you'll need to do a dunk test on them all before buying the next set of tools
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          My other sets are still 24v Dewalt. Sure battery life is not as long. But, boy have those tools taken years of abuse. i.e. laying drains in the rain , cutting submerged pipes.



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            You're correct, Milwaukee is CRAP. I bought 3 of the 18V sets. Numerous failures, batteries make it for maybe 100 charges. Chargers last for a few months.

            Warranty is a JOKE. They told me, if the tool, battery, or charger was ever used, if it ever worked, then the failure is wear related, and not subject to warranty.

            Milwaukee WAS a great tool company. Now they have no ethics, no integrity, and, they build crap.

            Just my opinion anyway.


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              I agree

              I agree with your comments. I am trying to get the word out about my dissatisfaction as much as I can. Hopefully I can keep one person from buying what used to be a good brand.


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                Love mine. Use one of the 3 V28 tools everyday in dry conditions.

                5 year warranty is ok with me


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                  question for the daily v28 user????

                  How does a bike mechanic use one of the three v28 tools daily? Can't imagine there is much need for battery sawzall or battery bandsaw in a bike shop. I wouldn't want you near my bike with those or any power tools. Most contractors I know use electric 110v tools in the shop.


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                    ILPlumber, it's OK if not everyone here agrees with your opinion on something, really it is.
                    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                      You are correct Dave. But, and trust me there's always a big but. It was a legitimate Question posed to the bike mechanic. I'm sure it will bring a simple cut and dry answer from the power tool toting bike mechanic. Just the other day I used my v28 drill and sawzall to change my watch battery


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                        resulting to personal insults speaks volumes about a person....i'll just leave it at that.

                        i own 2 bike shops, and enjoy bldg furniture, expanding the deck, bldg mantles, etc. I use the v28's everyday along with several other HI tools.

                        we use a sawzall all the time at the shop, to cut out/replace tubing. Drill is used daily too.

                        BTW, my buddy who's a plumber told me he wraps his batteries in plastic when the situation warrants for thought.
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                          Originally posted by ILPlumber
                          Just the other day I used my v28 drill and sawzall to change my watch battery
                          I came awfully close to using a sledgehammer on my watch the other day after unsuccessfully attempting to remove a link from the bracelet.



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                            ILPlumber, I understand your side of this as well as Cheekymonkies. I am a computer programer but use my power tools a ton (remodeling projects). I dont use them 10 hrs a day like some pros do but I still think I put them through some abuse. Some people have different applications that don't put certain tools "to the test" being a plumber in wet conditions is a whole different enviornment thank CheekyMonkey's but I believe him that his tools have worked great for him. Getting into a warranty dispute can completely change your opinion of a line of tools or brand. If they would have sent you replacements you may have been singing their praises instead.

                            I'm glad your mad at Milwaukee and not us though

                            BTW welcome to the forum.



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                              My drill is bigger than your drill!

                              Tool snobbery...who'd a thunk it!
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