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  • Milwaukee v28 free tool offer

    I'm between the Milwaukee v28 and Ridgid 24v tools for an up coming purchase, but I don't really want to spend $600 - $700 for a combo kit. The pieces that I really wanted were the hammer drill and circ saw, with the recip saw being a nice bonus (usually the cost of individual tools is crazy compared to the combo kits). The bag and flashlight in the combo were about useless to me. Then I saw an ad that Milwaukee is running a special where if you buy any single tool "kit" (one tool with batteries and charger) they will send you another tool of your choice (w/ no battery) for free. After doing some comparision shopping, I've found that I can buy the Milwaukee v28 hammer drill kit for $358, and get the circ saw free. So for about 1/2 the price of the kit, I can get just the tools I want for a reasonable price. Or for an extra $179, I can get the recip saw (no battery) also. So for $537, I can get the three pieces that I want and save $100 by not getting a bag and flashlight. Plus my wife might actually let me spend $358 or maybe stretch to $537, when I know perfectly well she wouldn't let me get away with $600+. Might be enough to pull me towards the Milwaukee tools over the Ridgid. The only negative is that you get the lifetime batteries with the Ridgid, where as the Milwaukee only comes with a 5 year plan (new batteries run about $100). The only thing I can think to justify this is that I may be buying new tools in 5 years anyway.

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    Milwaukee bad!!!

    I would strongly recommend against Milwaukee. The batteries can't get wet or damp. AT ALL! They will refuse warranty.


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      HD Specials


      I don't think a month goes by that I don't see a 10% off special on any purchase at Home Depot. In fact, I just got a customer appreciation coupon last week. 10% gets you to $585 for the 24volt tools (which I don't have). I've seen alot of deals on the 18 volters also.
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        Skip the Milwaukee. Their warranty is a lie. They do not honor the spirit of it. Their batteries suck, and their tools break a lot.


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          I really like my v28 set, I use them all day long. I doubt there is a more powerful and efficient set out there. It was purchased on Amazon for about $430, after a sale, 10% off and $30 off when i signed up for their credit card (free ship no tax).

          If you decide on that set be patient and wait for amazon to have a sale and 10% off. It's not on now, but i'm sure it will be when the current gift certificate is over.

          If you decide on the Ridgid, my advice is to try and get a 10% off coupon (sometimes they have 10% online w/free ship) or just buy one on Ebay for $1 or so. I've bought one of the 20% off HD coupons on ebay and it worked.

          In addition, if there are any new store openings in your area they will have a Ridgid rep with 10% off Ridgid mail in rebates good until the 31st. I have an extra one, if you want i'll send it to you (PM me your addy).

          If you do decide on the rebate, you should get a 10 or 20 off HD coupon and use it in conjunction. You can get back up to $200 with it, but that means you will spend 2 grand and your wife will mutilate you.


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            Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge


            To the wife problem. Buy her a fridge with the always works! I put the new GE in the Kitchen last week
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              I'd buy the Ridgid. If I'm not mistaken, the Milwaukee v28 batteries are only guaranteed for 2 years (5 years may be for the tools).

              It sounds like you are a homeowner who might not use the tools too often. That can be hard on batteries if you don't keep up with charging them here and there. This is true even of lithium batteries, which should be stored at about a 40% charge.

              I have both sets right now, and I'm going to sell the Milwaukee set in favor of the Ridgid (even though my Milwaukee tools are practically new and work fine).

              I bought a bunch of stuff at Home Depot yesterday, and they gave me a 10% off coupon at the checkout. The coupon is good 7/27 through 7/30.
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                Originally posted by Lee M
                If I'm not mistaken, the Milwaukee v28 batteries are only guaranteed for 2 years (5 years may be for the tools).
                Milwaukee has recently updated thier V28 Battery warranty. Here's the press release.


                To sum up the article if you don't want to read it it basicly says free replacement for the first 2 years or 1000 charges (which ever comes first). Then for the next 3 years or 2000 charges total (whichever comes first) they will pro-rate the batteries for you meaning you will pay a percentage of the retail cost depending on how many charges your battery has.

                So technichly they have a 5 year warranty but it's a sneaky way of saying that. It's acually a 2 year warranty with a battery discount for the additional 3 years.


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                  good call Kil

                  just don't buy her a vacuum for the holidays


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                    actually cellardoor, you have no warranty at all. Here's the real deal with Milwaukee, my knowledge is from personal experience.

                    I took two dead chargers (less than two years into the five year warranty) to the local repair station. They returned them still dead. Said that's the way Milwaukee returned them (dead chargers go back to Milwaukee for repair). I then mailed them back to Milwaukee myself. The response was the failures were wear related. Because they had been used, and they obviously worked at one time, the failure was a result of use, and not covered under warranty.

                    These chargers had never been wet (I live and work in the desert) and had NO signs of abuse. Other than scratches where the batteries had been slid in for charging, the chargers looked new. The cords looked new.

                    When one drill was only two months old, the fwd/rvs switch broke (this has happened twice). There is no way to abuse this switch. The location and type of switch preclude damaging it. It was not covered under warranty.

                    Their web site started out saying the batteries would last 2000 charges. They later lowered that to 1000 charges, then again to 500. I think the real number is closer to 100.

                    My truck (a big utility body) is full of Milwaukee tools. I've been a fan of theirs since I became a contractor in 1979. I've promoted the red and silver to everyone. The cordless tools are a different animal completely. I had Bosch before Milwaukee. Those were professional quality tools. The Milwaukee ones are just not quality.

                    The real issue is integrity. The written warranty is a marketing item. They do not honor the meaning of the warranty. They know I'm not going to sue for a few hundred bucks. Milwaukee is no longer a great tool company, they are just another quick buck company. I guess Milwaukee and Ryobi really are the same company now. Milwaukee no longer makes professional tools. It's a real shame.


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                      It's 2000 charges and it says so explicitly on the website.


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                        I deal with all major brands of if i get a charger in and it looks good and it is is a year or a little older i would cinsider warranty it.I never was told by milwaukee that we had to send the chargers in (YET)so i would have wrote up a warranty and sent you a new charger.
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                          Chic, I took two dead chargers to the local repair station. Milwaukee would not send them parts or replacements. The repair station was told by Milwaukee to send them in. The repair station sent them to Milwaukee, and Milwaukee returned them to the repair station unrepaired. These were about 2 years into a 5 year warranty.

                          I then mailed the same two chargers to Milwaukee myself. They refused to honor the warranty. Milwaukee, not the repair station, told me that since they had been used, there was no longer a warranty.

                          Several e-mails back and forth, and I got the story. If a tool has been used, any failure is wear related. If the tool ever worked, the failure was wear related. Wear related failures are not warranteed. This was from Milwaukee corporate, not from the local repair station.

                          Corporate went on to insist that there is no 5 year warranty. The warranties that came in the kit clearly state 5 years, as does their web site. Sorry, it's only 1 year, and only on tools that have not been used. Again this came from Corporate, not a repair station.