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24 Volt Impact Driver, is there one??

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  • 24 Volt Impact Driver, is there one??

    I see the new 24 volt set on Ridgids website, is there going to be a 24 volt impact driver coming out? As I recall Ridgid was late brining out the impact driver for their other sets, whats up with that. The impact driver is one of the main reasons I want to buy a cordless set.


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    Not yet. There will be.

    According to others, all the tools are coming.
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      Patience will be rewarded. The impact will be out in whats being called the Max Select series. So you can get just the impact driver for less money. Also the circ saw and recip and three other tools will be available as well same series. They will run off ANY battery 18v the 2.5, Max HC, compact batteries the 24v XLi and the new 18v XLi battery coming soon.
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        I spoke to a Ridgid rep at a Home Depot Contractor's Event the other day. He said that a 24 volt impact driver is on the way (and it will run on the 18 volt batteries, too, as will all the new tools, and as do the current 24 volt tools in the combo kit).
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