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Busted Worm Drive

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  • Busted Worm Drive

    I am looking for help. I bought a Bosch Worm Drive 1677M and converted it to a Big Foot. "It's 10 inches and it's real!" Anyway, on my first cut, I got half way through the 4 x 4 and it stopped. It felt like it was binding a bit but before I could release the trigger it stopped. I can't send it back to Bosch because to put the Big Foot on one must cut the boss screw housing. I am thinking it might be a short in the trigger or perhaps I burned out the 120V Armeture. The screwy thing is I screwed up but it wasn't entirely my fault. The Big Foot adapter I got was made specifically for the Bosch. However, the Bosch uses a diamond blade and the blade Big Foot sent was round. I assembed the Big Foot and put the blade on not to use it but to show it off to my buddies (yes I am a dork! but it's a nice saw!) It wasn't until about 2 weeks later I had an opportunity to use the Big 10 inches, and lo and behold I had forgot to switch the blade out. That's my story I am sticking to it, and I am so hoping for some help because now I have a brand new $400 saw that is making me cry. I'd like to see if I can fix it myself however, it might be best left to the professionals. Any ideas?
    Eric Nixon
    The Redheaded Wood Decker
    Tallahassee, Florida