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  • Lifetime service agreement

    I know the lifetime service agreement covers batteries. My question is this - could you theoretically never have to buy another battery besides the ones that come with the tool, or is there a trick to it, like say a lifetime expectancy for the battery? (assume for the sake of argument 1000 charges) If after that many charges, you were to submit for a new battery, would they tell you the battery ran the course of it's useful life and is not covered under the service agreement? Or am I just being skeptical and the plan is as good as it sounds.

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    After reading the service agreement in detail, it says, "covers all worn parts in properly maintained tools .... including cordless batteries". So that reads to me like when the battery wears out, they give you a new one, as they would with the other parts listed. Anyone else have experience or have a different interpretation? This almost sounds too good to be true, and I can't believe they would give away $75 batteries to thousands of people that buy tools under this agreement for the rest of their lives. Again, am I being too skeptical?
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    Yes, you're being too skeptical. But then again, maybe I'm being too naive.
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