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Max HC & Max 2.5Ah batts in multi tool kits

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  • Max HC & Max 2.5Ah batts in multi tool kits

    I would like to clear a few things up after reading a few posts here, talking to the sales person at HD and just gotting off the phone with Ridgid Customer Support and Tim a Technician at Ridgid. I was told by HD and read that the multi piece tool kits come with the new MAX 2.4Ah (Amp Hour) batteries. The salesperson at HD made a good case for buying Ridgid becasue of the LSA and new long running batteries. I bought a 5 piece kit(hammer drill, skill saw, saw all, impact driver and flash light) in June 06 and a 2 piece kit (drill and jig saw) in July 06 and the 5 piece kit has the MAX 2.4Ah batteries and a dual charger and the 2 piece kit has the MAX HC batteries and single charger. After talking with the a Ridgid technican today, I learned you can tell the age of a kit is by the last numbers printed on the box or batteries. My 5 piece is 0617 which means 17th week of 2006. My 2 piece is 0545 which means 45 week of 2005. The technician informed me not all multi tool kits will have the new batteries and buying a 2 piece kit at a different store should still have the MAX HC and not the MAX 2.4Ah. The technician did not offer to upgrade the batteries in the 2 piece kit so I guess one of the reasons I bought the 2 piece kit is gone and they will be headed back to HD for a refund. I may try and find a newer set at a different HD and I will report back if I find the newer batteries. Specifications: MAX 2.4 battery is 2.4 amp hours and the MAX HC battery is 1.9 amp hour or 25 % more energy. The dual battery charger has a fan to aid in cooling the batteries and the single does not have the fan but they work on both types of batteries. All that said I have been very happy with the 18V tools that came in the 5 piece kit. I would recommend if you are buying a set of tools that you check the build date and get the latest manufacture date you can and maybe you will get lucky and get the newer batteries.

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    DeJa vu

    Thanks for the post, I just bought exactly the same 2 kits. I am headed for my garage to check the dates now.


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      Just finished checking

      My serial number on my batteries are 0552, but it is clearly stamped on the batteries, "MAX 2.5Ah", so I am assuming I have the 2.5 amp hour batteries.


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        You do, the old batteries have no indication of the AH rating